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Is your team celebrating Christmas together?

By 18/12/2022November 27th, 2023Natural HR
Team celebrating tips and ideas to improve morale

Team Celebrating Tips & Ideas To Improve Morale

A team that celebrates together stays together. That’s the saying, right? Well, even if it isn’t, we find that it rings true, as team celebrations improve team morale, company culture, and employee engagement and retention.

In this post, Natural HR shares its top tips and ideas for team celebrations and explains how these celebrations add to team morale.

Top Team Celebration Tips

To effectively celebrate with your team, follow these tips:

  1. Ensure that everyone is comfortable with what you’re celebrating. Beware of controversial celebrations.
  2. Make sure that everyone who wants to take part is included.
  3. Ask your employees what they would like to celebrate in order to gauge what is important to them. This will result in team celebrations that are actually appreciated instead of celebrations that no one cares about.
  4. Be consistent. If you celebrate one employee’s success, celebrate the next one too.
  5. Do not be like Michael Scott from The Office. In other words, do not try to hog the spotlight or throw a fit if things do not go exactly as planned.

Work Celebration Ideas

1. Have a Christmas party

Christmas is coming up, and it’s always a lovely time to celebrate. It’s simple to decorate an office with a little tinsel and baubles, and a Christmas celebration can be scaleable.

If your budget is small, a little Christmas cake and eggnog is festive and fun. If you have more to work with, you can go all out with these festivities. You can also instigate a secret Santa so that colleagues consider each other and have fun unwrapping what each brought for the other.

2. Ask coworkers to share their cultural celebrations

The UK is a very multicultural society, and our citizens have numerous interesting and enjoyable cultural celebrations. If they are happy to do so, ask your colleagues to share their favourites and celebrate these with them.

3. Host an annual recognition awards ceremony

An annual recognition ceremony allows you to honour the hard work that everyone has put into their roles throughout the year. You can also have some fun with it and create personalised categories to suit your team and organisation culture.

4. Go for lunch or happy hour together

Depending on your team members’ preferences, go for either lunch or happy hour at a favourite local spot. This is a great way to celebrate reaching one of your organisation’s goals or even just to mark the end of the working week.

5. Choose an employee of the month

Celebrate hard work and dedication with an employee of the month award. For some, simply being chosen as the employee of the month will be enough, but others may appreciate some incentive along with the title. A simple gift voucher or bonus can be an excellent incentive and will certainly be celebrated by whoever receives it. Choosing an employee of the month also allows coworkers to recognise and celebrate each other’s achievements.

6. Do a public shout-out on Linkedin

If an employee has reached a milestone that they’re proud of, a public shout-out on a business-related social media platform can be a great way to celebrate them. Not only will the external validation be appreciated, but it will elevate their personal brand. This will also help showcase your employer brand in a positive light to a wider audience.

Conclusion on Team Celebrations

Having fun with your coworkers makes work a better place to be, which should be the goal of all organisations. From improving morale and employee engagement to recognising personal wins and boosting confidence, celebrating your team is simply great for business.

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