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5 Top HR leaders to follow in 2023

By 18/01/2023January 8th, 2024HR News, Leadership, Motivation
Top HR Leaders and professionals to follow in 2023

HR leaders making an impact in 2023

Do you like keeping up with the latest HR trends and hearing insight from the brightest, trailblazing minds in the world of HR, as much as we do? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve picked out five of the most influential and pioneering figures in HR so you can get your fix of HR industry content.

Dr. Hayley Lewis

Dr. Hayley Lewis is the founder of HALO, a consultancy built around her wealth of expertise as a HCPC registered psychologist in tandem with years of first-hand experience of leading successful, multi-million-pound services. As well as being a guest lecturer at multiple UK universities on Masters programmes in Organisational and Business Psychology, specialising in topics such as organisational culture, leadership and management behaviour and building high-performance teams.

Dr. Lewis was recognised in HR Magazine’s HR Most Influential 2022 thinkers list, which celebrates the most prominent thought leaders and HR professionals in the industry. She helps her 26,000+ LinkedIn followers by giving them the knowledge and confidence to tackle difficult issues themselves, creating happier workplaces where they and their teams can thrive and shine.

David McQueen

An entrepreneur and executive coach, David McQueen has become a renowned figure in the world of HR, speaking on almost every continent on issues around leadership, culture, storytelling and the power of good presentation skills. He is the co-founder of Q Squared Ltd, a coaching firm working with senior executives and managers foster principles of trust, respect, honesty and boost productivity in their organisations. He also co-founded the Black Founders Hub, a peer network dedicated to inspiring and shaping the next generation of change-makers and high net-worth black founders.

With 48,000 followers on LinkedIn, David shares a variety of helpful tips and inspiration around the development of workplace culture and celebration of diversity. This insight and expertise also extends to the David McQueen podcast (formerly The Brave Leader), a series in which he is joined by leaders from major UK organisations to explore leadership in the workplace, academia and civic society. 

Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham is an analyst, trainer, keynote speaker and consultant, on people and digital transformation in the new future of work. He has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, endeavouring to help HR improve its strategic impact. He has released two books on the subject; ‘Strategic Human Capital Management’ in 2008, followed by ‘The Social Organization’ which was published in 2017.

In his position as an HR consultant and trainer, Jon launched the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy, offering his expertise and providing training to companies across the globe looking to transform their approaches towards their people in the ever-changing world of work. He speaks candidly to his 16k LinkedIn followers about innovations and trends in HR and how organisations can action these to look after and get the best out of their employees long term.

Prof. Amanda Kirby

Professor Amanda Kirby is the CEO of Do-IT Solutions, a company that champions neurodiversity, wellbeing and inclusion through training courses and screening tools, helping organisations and individuals to be inclusive and help each person achieve their best self.

As a parent and grandparent of a neurodivergent family, Prof. Kirby strives towards promoting neurodiverse talent in education and employment and is passionate about improving their lives in all settings. She was recognised in the HR Most Influential thinkers list in 2022 and uses her platform of nearly 50,000 LinkedIn followers to raise awareness of neurodiversity, helping colleagues and acquaintances understand the different behaviours it can bring and helping neurodiverse individuals themselves understand why they think and act in the way they do.

Matt Manners

Matt Manners is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Inspiring Workplaces, a company he founded with an ambition of changing the world through the world of work, recognising and shaping the new, forward-thinking organisations of the future.

He provides a wealth of content to his LinkedIn following on how to create positive working environments that inspire the people within them, discussing topics such as fostering a positive work/life balance, employee wellbeing and workplace culture.

These are just a handful of some of the thought leaders and pioneers at the forefront of change in the HR industry.

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