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10 tips for getting more useful CVs and cover letters from applicants

By 21/02/2023May 23rd, 2023Recruitment
Top tips for getting more useful CVs and cover letters from applicants

You’ve posted your job, and you’re thrilled to start sorting through the resumes and cover letters that come your way. But how do you get applicants to submit higher-quality applications? Here are 10 tips to help you get more compelling and useful CVs and cover letters from job seekers. 

10 Tips for Receiving More Relevant CVs and Cover Letters 

If you’re recruiting young employees, you can point them to a contemporary CV builder that helps them design the best resume possible. Here’s some other ways to attract great applicants.

1. Be Clear in Your Job Description 

Create a clear and concise job description that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the job. Describe the type of candidate you’re looking for, as well as the skills and qualifications preferred. Make sure to include specific information about the role, job title, location and salary.

2. Pay Attention to Your Job Posting 

When you post your job, make sure to check any spelling and grammar errors and ensure everything is formatted properly. It can be off-putting to job seekers if your job post is filled with typos or poorly laid out information. Use professional language and an attractive, large font.

3. Ask for Relevant Documents 

Don’t ask applicants to submit a lot of extra documents if they’re not necessary. Require only the documents that you absolutely need to make a decision, like proof for specific certifications. When you have fewer documents to sift through, you can hire applicants much faster.

4. Get Feedback from Current Employees 

If you have current employees in the role you’re hiring for, ask them to provide feedback on your job description and listing. They can offer insight into what’s essential for the job, and this information can be used to ensure your job post is as accurate and detailed as possible. 

5. Keep the Application Process Simple

If possible, make the application process as simple as possible. Don’t bog the applicant down with questions that aren’t necessary, or you’ll unintentionally turn them away. Never ask the applicant to write out their resume, CV, or cover letter if they’ve already uploaded them.

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6. Offer an Incentive 

Offer an incentive to applicants who take the time to fill out their applications. Consider offering a gift card or a discount on a product or service. If your products are subscription-based, give them a free trial. All of these tactics thank job seekers for their time and create mutual respect.

7. Highlight the Benefits 

Job seekers are looking for more than just a salary. Make sure to highlight any benefits and perks that the job offers, such as vacation time, healthcare, or a flexible schedule. Showing job seekers the positive aspects of the job can make it more appealing to higher-quality applicants. 

8. Use Targeted Advertising 

If you’re using job boards or other job search sites, try using targeted advertising. When done right, targeted advertising can get you more relevant applications. You can also use targeted social media ads to reach potential job seekers who are a good fit for your open positions. Also, when using job boards, make sure to publish your role to job sites that can bring in high-quality leads that are truly interested in the position you’re offering.

9. Build on Your Brand 

Build your brand as an employer of choice. Feature employee stories and celebrate your team’s accomplishments on your website and social media accounts. Showcase your company culture, benefits, and values, and always speak positively about your organisation and your employees. 

10. Have a System for Keeping Track 

Organise applications and keep track of job seekers by having a centralised HR software system in place. Use spreadsheets, a project management platform, or an applicant tracking system to store, organise, and track resumes and cover letters. With these tools, you won’t lose applications.

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