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HR Software & Payroll System

For mid-sized or enterprise organisations wanting to better engage, manage and pay their people.

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Common challenges faced by HR professionals

Is people admin plaguing your passionate HR team? Are you frustrated with the lack of accurate data on your employees? Do you need a means of tracking budget, hours worked, productivity, efficiency and operations? Is your ability to focus on engaging, managing and paying your employees taking a back seat as a result? These are just some of the problems that we help HR and payroll professionals overcome every day.

Get more from your HR system

With Natural HR, everything becomes easier. Admin is quickly automated, employees can self-serve, and because the software is cloud based, you’ll have access to all of your centralised data as beautiful reports anytime, anywhere. Natural HR also includes a fully compliant, fully integrated payroll solution that ensures costly mistakes in pay are a thing of the past.

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Why choose Natural HR Payroll & HR software?

A single system to run your entire HR operation

Transform the way you manage administration with a complete suite of HRIS/HRMS tools - save time, reduce administrative costs, and get better results.

Easy-to-use HR and payroll software from the cloud

Simplify and automate your HR and payroll processes and give your employees and managers the capability to self-serve administration tasks, while freeing up time within your HR team.

‘Return-on-HR’ customer success programme

Get all the support you need to get the greatest benefits from your investment in Natural HR through our knowledge base and customer success team.
hr analytics data and reporting software
hr automation software

Automate your HR processes with Natural HR’s fully-integrated HRIS system

Streamline repetitive people admin

Save time and adhere to your company’s processes with Natural HR’s workflows. You’ll get step-by-step tasks and notifications that are started automatically based on your set criteria and requirements. Whether authorising time-off, approving timesheets or concluding interviews, tasks are automatically assigned – and permission controls keep everything secure, ensuring the right people get access to the workflows relevant to them.

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HR analytics and reporting software

Gain key insight into employee information

You’ll be able to create stunning charts and tables to quickly make strategic business decisions. Discover the absence rate or an employee’s Bradford Factor, the cost of a department to headcount per site and historical reporting such as headcount at a previous date or the salary bill for the department at one location last year.

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hr analytics data and reporting software
payroll software

Advanced payroll software, in the cloud

Faster, more efficient payroll

With data available from HR and payroll, any payroll changes such as new starters or salary changes can be included in one main pay run. You’ll be able to oversee and manage HR and payroll from one online, cloud based system, all as part of a single process. This includes building up to gross pay and automatically producing payslips, while ensuring complete compliance with HMRC standards.

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A beginner’s guide to HR software

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about evaluating, buying and implementing HR software.

How to deliver an unforgettable onboarding experience

In this guide, you’ll find a blueprint for delivering an unforgettable employee onboarding experience for their first few days and weeks.

Implementing HR software: 5 simple steps

This guide gives you 5 simple tips and advice from experts to successfully implement a new HR system.

How to get your business to invest in HR software

A comprehensive guide to gain buy-in from leadership to invest in HR by building a credible case.

HR Expert Webinars and Guides

HR in 2023 and beyond report

This report gathers the thoughts of 156 HR professionals working in various sectors and different levels of seniority to identify the HR trends, challenges, priorities and initiatives driving their businesses in 2023, compared to 2022.

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What is HR (human resources) software?

HR software or HR system is an application, or series of applications, that combine a number of processes and systems which enable businesses to manage employees and their data. It is also sometimes referred to as HRMS (Human Resource Management System), or HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

The image below shows what modules Natural HR’s HR and payroll software includes:

Natural HR functionality wheel

Built with you in mind

01. Designed for you by HR professionals

As HR people ourselves, we’re confident we know what you need – and we’ve built an HR and payroll platform that delivers it.

Support when you need it

02. World-class HR software support

We offer telephone and email technical support from 7am to 11pm UK time, 7 days a week with 96% of tickets actioned within one hour.

In-house development

03. Software driven by innovation

We thrive on innovation and delivering best-in-class software. Exploiting new technologies to deliver the very best is part and parcel of what we do.

Security and reliability

04. Keeping your data secure

Natural HR takes keeping your data safe seriously. Built with security in the foreground, we are ISO27001 accredited and PCI-DSS certified, whilst complete backups take place every four hours. 

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As an HR professional looking after just under 500 people, Natural HR gives me exactly what I need and importantly, gives me opportunities to develop new practices.

Mark McHughGroup HR and Health & Safety Manager
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