Absence Rate Calculator

Absenteeism can be extremely costly for businesses, but if you’re continually asking yourself “how can I measure employee absenteeism?”, you’ll know the challenges associated with assessing its true impact. The ability to call upon an absence rate metric enables businesses to weigh up the costs and productivity hits that result from unforeseen staff absences. Unfortunately, the question of how to calculate absence rate isn’t an easy one to answer, unless you have the correct tool to hand. This is where our Absence Rate Calculator comes in handy.

That’s why we decided to call upon years of experience in absence data analysis to build a free absence rate calculator. We firmly believe business managers and HR staff should be able to use tools that deliver insightful metrics on inefficiencies within the organisation without adding to overheads. Absence rate is the percentage of days (or hours) that are lost as a result of absence.

It is best expressed as a percentage of the overall days (or hours) that a member of staff could have worked, had they not been absent. Our absence rate calculator knows how to measure absence rate and does so by asking for just three pieces of information: the total number of days/hours lost to absenteeism, the total number of employees and the average number of working days or hours per employee. You shouldn’t have to rely on a detailed knowledge of absence rate metrics in order to calculate absence rate, which is why our calculator will save you a significant amount of time reviewing the business impact. The calculator will add to a list of vital parts of HR Software your business needs.

Not sure what absence rate is? Need to know how to calculate monthly absence rate? Working out the absence rate of a business is tricky, therefore in addition to our free calculator, you can also download our handy infographic to help demystify the often complex world of absence rate.

Download Absence Rate infographic