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Access levels

Within any organisation, large or small, there is a hierarchy – sometimes it is very simple with just an owner and some employees whilst, other times, it is more complex with many layers between the CEO and the front line employees.

Regardless, in line with this hierarchy, there is a requirement for different people in different roles to have access to different types of information. This is none more so than in human resources. Within Natural HR, we offer six different access levels, each with their own specific access rights and privileges. You can have as many users as you wish of each access level and users can be changed from level to level as the business needs change.


Within our Natural HR Software, we have various access levels which control what a user can and cannot do. Within each of these levels, there are additional controls available so you can customise this to meet your needs.

For example, you may want a manager not to be able to access an employee personal information such as their telephone number or may not want a manager to be able to see the salary of an employee.

We can also setup read only accounts for both HR and managers which stops them from changing employee information – they can still get access to check things but are not able to update, delete or over write any information.