The all-in-one HR and payroll platform that helps HR professionals at the frontline of this rapidly evolving modern workplace understand and unlock their workforce’s capabilities, aspirations, and potential.

HR leaders are drawn to the prospect of creating a superior workforce but often overlook the key ingredients. In fact, companies that align talent with business strategy outperform others by 16%, retain 30% more top performers, and see 34% higher employee performance.

Enhancing productivity and developing leaders

With Natural HR’s talent management functionality, employee’s are presented with a clear picture of their progress, helping to nurture skills and develop rising stars into natural-born leaders, which in turn bolsters the company’s success.

Boost strategic hiring and employee retention

Natural HR aligns hiring and onboarding with your company’s future vision in a highly competitive market, factoring in long-term goals and the future skills that your employees will need to perform at a high level.

Utilise insight to unlock potential

With actionable data presented at your fingertips, Natural HR allows employees at every stage of their lifecycle to thrive by anticipating gaps and assessing employee skills to create personalised plans for their continued development.


fewer organisations undertook initiatives to improve retention in a year when 40% furloughed staff, 22% made redundancies and 16% reduced working hours.


of organisations report having developed more talent in-house compared with the previous year. Upskilling existing employees is the most common response to recruitment difficulties.


believe that competition for well-qualified talent has increased over the past year, despite the growth in unemployment during this period, leaving companies with skill gaps.


of organisations did not attempt to recruit at all in the last 12 months, compared with just 4% the year before.

How Natural HR can help

The last 18 months have posed major challenges that saw business and talent strategies put to a rigorous test. As a result, there is a renewed urgency for HR leaders to realign their talent strategy to the wider business goals to factor in changing business dynamics.

With Natural HR, you are equipped with the strategic tools to engage employees, retain talent and provide additional value back to your organisation.

Help your employees reach their full potential.

All-in-one HR and payroll software for mid-sized or enterprise organisations wanting to better engage, manage and pay their people.

Allow your employees to thrive

Talent Management

Accelerate employee development and identify your organisation’s rising stars with Natural HR’s succession planning and competency framework.

  • Help your employees to plan their careers with development goals, performance objectives and peer-led feedback requests
  • Gain instant insights to employee performance and identify those that should be developed for leadership positions
  • Anticipate any gaps in leadership and create succession plans across teams and locations

Streamline your recruitment


Speed up your entire recruitment process from creating job adverts and application forms to tracking applicants, managing interviews and analysing hiring costs.

  • Allow candidates to apply directly through an integrated job portal that you can embed on your website or publish your role to job sites such as Indeed
  • Improve the quality of your hires and engage with the best candidates in your talent pool
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues on your hiring strategies

Drive internal change

Performance Management

Make performance management less of an admin headache and create custom appraisal forms that meet your needs, automate distribution and send out timely reminders.

  • Identify high-performing employees and explore ways to help underperformers improve
  • Send 360 feedback requests to an employee’s colleagues to gauge performance and empower them to do the same for their peers
  • Use the 9-box grid methodology to asses the current performance and potential of your employees

Employee Goals

Allow employees to track their progress against pre-defined goals and monitor their own performance improvements.

People Analytics

Report on all performance management data and identify key trends in your people.

Competency Framework

Assess employee skills and create personalised plans for their continued development.

8 key questions to ask when choosing HR software.

Choosing the right HR software for your business can feel like a minefield. In this eBook, we take a look at some of the top questions to ask when you’re looking into HR software and why you should be asking them.

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“Natural HR is on my screen from 9 to 5, all day, every day! Basically, everything you need as an HR professional is within the system. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a business!”

Chloe Jordan, HR Advisor

Aligning people and business strategy with a holistic view of talent

In our next HR Expert webinar, James Moore, a Director at Morgan Phillips Talent Consulting, will outline how HR leaders can design and implement high impact talent solutions that enable their wider business strategy to flourish.

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When you utilise Talent Management Software (TMS), such as the one that’s included with Natural HR, you’ll get a complete, all-in-one cloud-based system that can support you in dealing with the management of applications, measuring staff performance, as well as developing, rewarding and establishing succession plans for your workforce. But what are the advantages of having talent management software within your company? Well, to begin with, it helps you with more than just recruitment. A great recruitment module will also facilitate opportunities for those hired to learn and grow throughout their career, as well as align job performance goals with…

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The workforce of the future: developing your talent management strategy for tomorrow

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Whatever industry you find yourself in, there will always be what we call a "skills gap." However, for many businesses coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, skill gaps are one of the most significant roadblocks to attaining business goals. When it comes to employee training and development, the most important concern is identifying skill gaps within your own company and developing interventions to address those. By investing in the development of skills for your workers, your company will be putting in place the changes needed to sustain market, product, and process innovation. In this article, you will learn the steps…

Setting goals and KPIs: How HR software can help

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In many roles, team members will be assigned goals to achieve or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve over a set period of time. From meeting sales targets to gaining qualifications in a specific domain such as becoming CIPD accredited or completing the next level of progression for a Chartered Institute of Marketing course; defining goals and agreeing KPIs can help to provide structure for individuals within their roles and demonstrates clearly how their contributions fit in with wider company objectives. As managers, setting clear goals can help your business grow, achieve even bigger targets, track team performance and ensure…
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