Asset management

Do you have any idea how many mobile phones or laptops you have in your company? When is the warranty due to expire on them? How much did you pay? More importantly, who has got what device and, when they leave, can you be sure that the device they are returning is the one they were given? Did you give them an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?

This is a real challenge for businesses and especially for HR and managers who are usually the ones who are responsible for off boarding leavers – you need access to up to date and reliable information on what they were given so you can make sure the company gets back exactly what it should.


With our asset management solution, you can track any assets from a phone to a plane

Our fully integrated asset management offering, allows you to define unlimited asset types and categories and then add an asset list recording information such as:

  • Asset name
  • Asset tag
  • Serial number
  • Supplier
  • Purchase price
  • PO number
  • Warranty expiry date
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Comments

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Once your assets are entered, you can then assign the asset to an employee or a department for, perhaps, items like furniture. As the asset moves from employee to employee or from employee back into your central pool you can track and record the movement and the current owner. When assigning assets the system knows which are currently available so you will never make a mistake and assign the wrong asset to an employee.

Once your asset has reached its end of life, you also have an option to retire the asset whilst still being able to access the asset details and, more importantly, the asset history.

We also offer two pre built reports for asset management – one which is an asset list report which shows all your assets along with all the information you have on the asset plus also an asset history report which allows you to filter on a particular asset or employee to see either the history of the asset or the assets history of an employee.

Crucially, for HR, you can link asset management to the off boarding process so when you are working through your off boarding workflow you can create an item which links to assets and displays a list of all the assets the employee currently has so you can ensure you get the correct assets returned.