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4 benefits of online expenses

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In the UK, many employees will incur expenses concerning their job. Whether it’s an overnight stay in a hotel to visit a customer or to claim mileage for a trip to a trade show; your employees will likely seek to be reimbursed for these work-related costs. Historically, many companies relied on paper-based forms and physical receipts or invoices in order to reclaim any expenditure. Not only was this prone to error and fraudulent claims, but tiresome and time-consuming. For this reason, it is hard to believe that some companies continue to manage expenses this way. Online expense management software can…

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statutory redundancy pay calculation

How to calculate statutory redundancy pay

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Whether your business is going through a period of change, you’ve enlisted new ways of working or you’re changing location or closing branches; the ever-changing tides of the economic environment and the very nature of business means that making staff redundant is one of the most frequently used methods by employers to cut costs. Deciding to proceed with redundancies must be a last resort, and all other avenues or solutions must be explored before staff are made redundant. Employees must be selected for redundancy in a fair way. This may be down to their level of experience, skills or ability…

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4 ways payroll software will save you hours every month

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Processing payroll manually is an incredibly time-consuming process. From creating payslips and calculating deductions to answering employee queries; it’s no wonder so many businesses opt to use payroll software to help streamline processes and save hours every week. Whether you’re processing payroll manually or using a third-party payroll bureau to manage it, here are four ways payroll software will save you HOURS every month. No need for manual calculations Rather than spending hours poring over spreadsheets and manual calculations, payroll software can do in a few seconds what it would take you hours to do. This will free up your…

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payroll software

5 tell-tale signs you need payroll software

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Believe it or not, not every business needs to use software to process their payroll. If your headcount is small enough and the calculations are fairly simple, it is entirely possible to process payroll manually. However, as your business starts to grow in size, employing more people, perhaps on different rates of pay and working patterns could cause even the most seasoned payroll professional, a serious headache. That’s where payroll software comes in handy, not only will it save you valuable time and money, but it will improve the accuracy of your payroll no end, saving you from any costly…

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HR and payroll software: how to present your business case

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When you’re buying any piece of business software, presenting your business case to your directors, board or senior management team can often feel like half the challenge. As HR and payroll software will directly impact every one of your employees, your case for investment needs to be watertight and should be detailed enough to prove the reasons why you think your chosen provider is right for your business. Below, you will find some key advice and top tips for presenting your business case for investment in HR and payroll software that will stop it feeling like a grilling in Dragon’s Den!…

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