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What is Agile HR – and how to get started

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Unless you’ve been buried under paperwork for the last decade (entirely plausible in the HR world), you’re bound to be at least vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘Agile’ project management. Agile methodology was the brainchild of software engineers in the 70s and 80s, developed as a way to speed up their development projects. It was founded on the principles of collaboration and iteration – breaking down large, complex projects into shorter work cycles, delivered by multi-functional teams. Agile has since been adopted by all kinds of different industries and is now one of the most widely recognised project management…

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HR Team setting up their recruitment process

How to get started with recruitment automation

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Just as technology is rapidly reshaping the way people work, it’s also changing the way people get into work. Online talent platforms are increasingly connecting the right people to the right jobs – and that trend is set to have a profound effect on global productivity. According to McKinsey, online talent platforms could help boost global GDP by more than £2 trillion over the next half-decade – both through improved productivity as a result of better matches, and greater levels of employment through faster matches. It’s a clear illustration of the increasing importance of technology in the recruitment space, at…

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What does ‘truly integrated’ HR and payroll really mean?

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For both HR and payroll professionals, recent years have brought about a significant shift in role.  More and more, HR is expected to deliver added value to the business through analytical and transformational work, rather than solely focusing on people administration.  Payroll departments, meanwhile, have seen their responsibilities grow significantly too, largely thanks to legislation like RTI (Real-Time Information) and auto-enrolment. While some businesses have sought to meet these new-found challenges separately (often outsourcing payroll altogether), more and more organisations now recognise the value in tackling these challenges in parallel, integrating HR and payroll into one single system. Done correctly,…

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Two employees happy after their performance management meeting

How to get started with Performance Management

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In the era of instant feedback – where reviews and ratings govern many of our daily decisions – the annual employee appraisal can be considered antiquated at best. Twelve months is a long time in business, yet many organisations operating a traditional appraisal model will happily leave it this long to provide any genuine feedback to their staff – often stunting an employee’s potential, to the detriment of both the individual and the business. Realising the limitations of the traditional review process, progressive organisations are now implementing a more continuous approach to managing, motivating and rewarding good performance. An approach…

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5 key compliance challenges for HR teams

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With the workplace now wrapped in perhaps more red tape than ever, HR departments are under increasing pressure to keep their businesses on the right side of the law. Maintaining compliance with ever-changing employment rules and regulations requires HR to keep up-to-date and adapt at pace, or face the prospect of costly fines and even more costly reputational damage. In extreme circumstances, some compliance failures could even become a matter for the criminal courts. Of course, HR has always played a key role in an organisation’s compliance structure. But rarely has the work environment undergone so many legislative changes in…

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