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Natural HR acquired by Moorepay

Natural HR acquired by Moorepay

By HR Software, Natural HR, Payroll

Our award-winning HR software business has been acquired by leading payroll and HR provider, Moorepay. We’re announcing that today, we’ve been acquired by Moorepay Limited, a member of the Zellis Group and market-leading payroll and HR software and services provider for SMBs across the UK and Ireland.​ Moorepay will take on Natural HR’s Birmingham City Centre office, a central location to their existing Manchester and Farnborough offices. ​  Our COO, Sarah Dowzell said: “we’re delighted to be joining the Moorepay family and I’m thrilled Moorepay is continuing with our Birmingham office. This city is where we started up from a seed investment round in 2015, from there we began growing our talented…

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5 ways to improve employee engagement in 2023, blog

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in 2023

By Employee Engagement
As we continue into 2023, improving employee engagement is critical. A highly engaged workforce is crucial for business success, leading to increased productivity, better employee retention rates, and improved customer satisfaction.  One of your top goals as an HR leader should be to keep your team engaged and motivated. To give you a headstart, here are five practical employee engagement strategies that’ll help you create a more positive, productive work environment. 1. Promote a Growth Mindset Culture Creating a growth mindset culture empowers individuals to learn from their mistakes and explore new challenges. As a result, your staff gets access...
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Top HR and Business Podcasts to listen to in 2023

Top HR Podcasts to listen to in 2023

By Business, Culture, Motivation, Natural HR
Podcasts are all the rage these days and you can find content to listen to about pretty much any niche. HR is no different, and there is a great deal of options when it comes to the variety of issues covered, the expertise offered and the guests interviewed. In this blog, we pick out five of our favourite HR podcasts for your listening pleasure in 2023. Last month, we covered the top HR leaders to follow in 2023  so you could keep up-to-date with trailblazing leaders in your industry. We know you often have a multitude of things to juggle,...
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Top tips for getting more useful CVs and cover letters from applicants

10 tips for getting more useful CVs and cover letters from applicants

By Recruitment

You’ve posted your job, and you’re thrilled to start sorting through the resumes and cover letters that come your way. But how do you get applicants to submit higher-quality applications? Here are 10 tips to help you get more compelling and useful CVs and cover letters from job seekers.  10 Tips for Receiving More Relevant CVs and Cover Letters  If you’re recruiting young employees, you can point them to a contemporary CV builder that helps them design the best resume possible. Here’s some other ways to attract great applicants. 1. Be Clear in Your Job Description  Create a clear and…

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Maternity Pay Calculator

By Absence Management, Employee Management, Paternity leave

Pregnancy and the birth of your baby are extremely exciting and momentous periods in any person’s life. However, this significant time doesn’t come without its stresses. Expecting mothers have to stop working while suddenly having higher bills than before. Thankfully, maternity pay helps to bridge the gap. But how much maternity leave pay are you entitled to? Whether you are an employee who wants to understand what you can expect from your maternity leave pay, or an employer responsible for calculating maternity pay, this blog is for you. Who Qualifies for Statutory Maternity Pay? To qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay,…

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