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Stop employees leaving

How can you stop your best employees from leaving?

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Employee turnover is part of being an employer. Starting a job straight after school or university and staying there until retirement is no longer commonplace. Nowadays, people move between roles much more often than they did in the past. Research by insurance firm LV= found that a UK worker will typically change employer every five years. What’s more, the Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it costs an average of 6 – 9 months of your former employee’s salary to find and onboard their replacement. While employee turnover is to be expected as employees change jobs to progress their…

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Using HR software to support your employees H&W

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Now, more than ever, the health and wellbeing of your workforce is considered one of the most crucial elements towards a successful company and let’s not forget, it’s also morally imperative. After all, happy employees are going to, in turn, be more efficient and productive, so it begs the question:,why aren’t more businesses finding new, innovative ways to enhance their health and wellbeing strategy? According to Mates In Mind, sickness absence costs companies £8.4 billion every year, but presenteeism is a more costly issue, accounting for 1.5 times the cost of absenteeism.  In other words, if your only focus is…

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The true cost of failed hires

The true cost of failed hires

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One of the biggest challenges that continue to haunt many organisations, is the prospect of finding a suitable employee with a driven attitude for success and energy that provides value to the business’ culture.  With this in mind, it will come as no surprise to learn that 46% of all new hires are deemed failures by the time they reach their 18-month milestone. Is this starting to ring any bells?  But even this statistic fails to put into words the impact a poor hire can have on an organisation. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) outlined that more than a…

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6 tips for payroll success

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While processing payroll can be one of the biggest sources of frustration, it is unequivocally one of the most important parts of your business. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and as such, they deserve to be paid correctly and on time. While payroll is often the biggest expense for a company, it can get even pricier when mistakes are made. Making mistakes when running payroll can be costly not only to your employees, but to your business too – both financially and reputationally. Such mistakes might include overpaying or underpaying tax, paying employees late or incorrectly, making incorrect…

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How tech can transform HR

How technology can transform HR

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The advent of new technologies has transformed almost every part of our lives. From how we watch TV to how we communicate with our colleagues; technology has transformed life as we know it. The world of HR is no different, as business leaders look to transform the operational HR department into automated, data-driven processes that save time, streamline tasks and allow HR professionals to better contribute to productivity and growth. As a profession, HR is becoming increasingly tech-driven. With the right tools, HR professionals are reducing their time spent on admin, better supporting their employees and adding strategic value that…

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