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Future of HR

Where will the HR profession be one year from now?

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The role of HR professionals in businesses has changed significantly during the past decade and the modern workplace has radically transformed. Where we work, how we work and why we work are no longer the same as they were ten, or even five years ago. As the workforce, the economy and technology have changed, so too has the role of the HR department. No longer are they considered as a purely administrative department, but they’re now being recognised as a strategic function that is critical to success. Time moves very fast in HR. With frequent changes to legislation, updates to…

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What benefits employees want

What benefits employees want, what they really, really want

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Employees (the lifeblood of a company), are usually given additional perks alongside their salary in almost every job role today. There’s a whole industry built around rewarding employees and millennials filling the modern workplace has taken employee benefits to a new level. From free fruit to flexible working, there are a host of options available. No longer is a decent salary enough, to attract and retain top talent, employers need to offer ‘value-adds’ to be attractive to potential candidates and employees. Especially as a third of candidates class company benefits as one of the most significant factors they consider before…

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HR by numbers: 24 surprising stats you need to know

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From recruiting the best talent to managing employees, HR departments have the business critical responsibility of making sure your workforce is  motivated, engaged and happy in their roles. In this infographic, we’ve gathered 24 stats that demonstrate some of the trends facing HR teams, the most significant challenges and the biggest opportunities for HR professionals in 2020.

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signs you need hr software

6 tell-tale signs you need to invest in HR software

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In today’s modern workplace, managing HR tasks in a fast-paced business can be a relentless task. From answering employee queries, to conducting interviews and on-boarding new staff; it is undoubtedly an incredibly demanding role. But there’s a big difference between being productive and just being busy. And if you’re always busy being busy on admin-based HR tasks with no time for strategic HR thinking, it probably high time you made a change. Here are six tell-tale signs you need HR software. You’re overloaded with admin tasks Everyone has admin to do at work. But when admin tasks form the majority…

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Having difficult conversations at work: how HR can help

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All managers will face conversations with their team members that they expect to be difficult at some stage in their career. These might include addressing poor performance with an employee, investigating reports of workplace bullying or inappropriate behaviour, discussing sensitive personal issues or informing an employee that their position is at risk of redundancy. In any walk of life, having a difficult conversation with someone can feel daunting and it is easy to think that not broaching the subject at all will make it ‘go away’ or resolve itself without the need for a frank conversation at all. When in…

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