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Person analysing employee engagement survey results

The complete guide to employee engagement surveys

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If you cast your memory back several years, you’ll remember employee engagement and culture was merely considered a popular topic for HR professionals to debate. Fast forward to the present day, culture and engagement are now presented as a key business issue, with many believing it has recently dominated the HR trend list. In fact, Deloitte Insights found that 87% of organisations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, with 50% of respondents calling the problem “very important”. While improving employee engagement can help build the right path towards a thriving company culture, it’s only one piece…

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paternity leave

Is two weeks’ paternity leave enough for new fathers?

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There has been a big debate around paternity leave for years now as to whether new fathers should be entitled to the same leave as mothers. After all, raising a child is a joint effort. The reality though is very different and the gov.uk website states that statutory paternity leave consists of ‘taking either one or two weeks. You get the same amount of leave if your partner has multiple births (such as twins). You must take your leave in one go. A week is the same amount of days that you normally work in a week – for example,…

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virtual interview

6 tips to conduct an effective virtual interview

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For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our working lives upside down. With remote working now the norm and a newly invigorated focus on digital tools that enable communication and engagement; many once face-to-face HR processes have also had to pivot to this new, online normal too. COVID-19 has devastated both the personal and professional lives of many and unemployment claims surged by 70% in April 2020 alone. As candidates looking for work flood the market, those businesses that are actively recruiting have turned to virtual interviews as a means of growing their team. Interviews are typically a…

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Job Support Scheme

The Job Support Scheme: an overview for HR

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak took to the despatch box this afternoon (Thursday 24th September) to announce the successor to the furlough scheme as part of his winter economy plan: the Job Support Scheme. The furlough scheme, also known as the Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme (CJRS), was announced back in March as the coronavirus pandemic closed non-essential businesses and their ability to operate as usual. Devised to protect the economy from mass unemployment, the furlough scheme promised to pay up to 80% of an employee’s wages up to a limit of £2,500 per month in order to protect jobs. With the furlough…

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Strengthen company culture through times of change

How to sustain and strengthen company culture through times of change

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Since the start of the pandemic, employees from all across the globe have begun transitioning into new ways of working and connecting with their colleagues. However, with abrupt changes comes an even bigger impact on company culture. With HR at the heart of a business’ response to disruption, there will undoubtedly be a new remodelling structure in place to factor in remote working and trimming services while at the forefront of these modifications, comes risk to workforce morale. In response, a positive outlook becomes more crucial than ever before. Maintaining organisational culture and focusing on your values will provide the…

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