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Next month, thousands of UK employees to be banned from smoking

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Starting next month, new rules from Nottinghamshire County Council, mean over 9,000 of their current staff will be banned from smoking during working hours. The new rules, which were just approved yesterday, will be enforced mid-May and also includes any form of E-cigarettes. Any workers found breaking these rules will be formally disciplined. The initiative has been proposed to improve the health and productivity of council workers. NCC has said the ban will include all council buildings, land and vehicles. The chair of Nottinghamshire County Council, Joyce Bosnjak, said in a statement; “The harm that tobacco causes stretch across all…

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How to solve a problem like millennials

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‘Millennial’ is the current buzzword in HR, recruitment and management. There’s no definitive reason why so many hiring managers are obsessed with this generation but nonetheless, it’s glaringly obvious that there are generational differences between age groups in the workplace. Some of the reasons that could be argued are; digital/technological knowledge, they’re cheaper to employ, unorthodox thinking or just the pure and simple idea of youth. The first hurdle is sharing; there’s an odd obsession with this generation when it comes to sharing things online. Sharing news, opinions and experiences – in some cases, information that may be a bit…

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What is the hardest part about buying HR Software

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Maybe the above image looks familiar! You are drowning in paperwork, spending your life sifting through page after page and getting nowhere. Enough is enough! You have made the decision – you are going to move away from using manual processes! Spreadsheets and, dare I say it, paper are going to be a thing of the past in your journey to HR software. You have looked at the market, spoken to lots of companies, had some demo’s and found the right solution – you are, quite rightly, excited to start to realise the value of your new solution so what…

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How many innovative ideas are you missing each year?

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Research from part of the EveryDay Innovation 2015 report has found that over the space of a year, the average UK employee puts forward 6 innovative suggestions to improve their business. Unfortunately, the report also shows that 65% of employees do not feel enough is being done to encourage them to put their ideas forward, further than 57% do not feel suggestions are being sufficiently captured and recognised. Take a company with 50 employees, that’s 300 innovative ideas each year! These are ideas that could make your business more efficient, your employees more engaged and your customers more satisfied. At…

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Update on browser support

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Effective immediately, we are updating our supported browsers list to reflect changes made as a result of PCI DSS 3.1. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a standard to which we comply as we process card payments online as well being recognised as a best practice for internet security including sites using https. Under PCI, this is a requirement for “strong cryptography” and, as of PCI 3.1, this means sites must use TLS 1.2 and can no longer use SSL 3.0 and early TLS. Read more here. The result of these changes is that…

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