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Apprenticeships – do they add value?

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Successive Governments have been keen to press the importance and value of apprenticeships to UK business, but do they actually add value or are they simply a scheme that large firms feel obliged to participate in? It is important to look at the context and aims of an apprenticeship scheme, removed from any political intention. Such schemes seek to train young people, who may otherwise fall into the not in employment education or training (NEET) category, to a nationally recognised level in an area of employment shortfall. When you think of apprenticeships the first thing that people envisage are the…

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How should HR deal with Olympic absences?

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With the Olympic events taking place in the UK this summer, employers may experience higher absence rates. Though previous events such as football tournaments have presented similar problems, the sheer scale of the Olympics could cause more widespread issues than encountered in the past. So, how can employers manage this effectively and prevent ‘pulling a sickie’ from becoming the latest Olympic sport? Whilst employers are under no legal obligation to offer time off for sporting events, it will be beneficial to adopt a flexible approach and try to accommodate planned absences wherever possible. This will be the best method for…

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Basic legal obligations for an employer

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Whilst employing your first member of staff is an exciting time for you, employment law can be a bit of a minefield and can be a complex and often daunting place! There are so many laws and regulations which you need to consider so we thought we would share some of the simple basics with you and then, over the coming weeks, we will go into some of these in more detail. You must register with HMRC as an employer. All employees (this does not include self-employed or agency staff) who have been employed for more than a month should…

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New version release

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Since launching in September 2010 we have been working hard to make our software the best it can be to meet YOUR needs. At the same time, we were never totally happy with the design and layout of the software and really wanted to do something new and slicker and we are very excited to announce the release! As well as redesigning the interface we have also incorporated a host of NEW features based on customer requests which we hope are something you are as excited about as we are. These include: Employee self service Update address and contact details…

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Security starts with you!

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We get a lot of questions about how secure our application and the data contained with our application is and, whilst these are valid questions, we often encounter customers who think that the security is only our problem and not theirs. Whilst in some ways this is true and we do place a lot of time and energy into securing our systems and applications, there is a huge onus of responsibility on users to ensure their endpoints are secure – if this does not happen then how to secure our systems are becomes a minor consideration. For example, when you…

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