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How is my data backed up?

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It is an obvious concern for customers that their data is not only secure (which we will cover in our next post but there is more information at https://www.naturalhr.com/security in the meantime) but also that it is protected in the event of something going wrong. What can go wrong? Well, we are talking about things like server failure or corruption of data and the likes which, trust me, happen to EVERYONE no matter how big you are. Technology can be deployed to minimise the impact of such issues but it is VERY expensive and, as a free provider, not something…

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HR Software: Where is the Post-Recession Market Going to Go?

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SaaS HR solutions can still prevail in the current economy By Brian Sommer | May 3, 2010, 12:05pm PDT My colleague, Dr. Katherine Jones, fired the following off to me the other day: “Recently, I interviewed a European automobile manufacturer who was facing first-time layoffs and pulling all the company’s ex-pats back to the home office. We were talking about his plans for purchasing HR technology; this was his response: “it would be unconscionable to go off and buy new HR software when we are laying off employees.” Yet evaluation of the SaaS model created an easier, more cost-effective way…

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Beta testers required

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Now that Natural HR is almost ready to go live we need Beta testers to complete the final step in our quality process – if you have a few hours of free time and are willing to commit to providing constructive feedback on the Natural HR application then please get in touch!

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