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HR Software: Where is the Post-Recession Market Going to Go?

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SaaS HR solutions can still prevail in the current economy By Brian Sommer | May 3, 2010, 12:05pm PDT My colleague, Dr. Katherine Jones, fired the following off to me the other day: “Recently, I interviewed a European automobile manufacturer who was facing first-time layoffs and pulling all the company’s ex-pats back to the home office. We were talking about his plans for purchasing HR technology; this was his response: “it would be unconscionable to go off and buy new HR software when we are laying off employees.” Yet evaluation of the SaaS model created an easier, more cost-effective way…

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Beta testers required

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Now that Natural HR is almost ready to go live we need Beta testers to complete the final step in our quality process – if you have a few hours of free time and are willing to commit to providing constructive feedback on the Natural HR application then please get in touch!

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