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Paige Fox

How can Natural HR's software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond?

How Natural HR’s software can improve employee engagement

By Employee Engagement, HR Software, Natural HR
How can Natural HR’s software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond? The UK has been revealed as one of the worst countries for employee engagement at work, with only 9% of staff feeling enthusiastic about their roles in 2022. Shocking, right?! With such a low number of employees feeling aligned to companies’ goals and values – and the added stress of a highly competitive job market – more needs to be done to create positive working environments, engage employees, and retain talent.  Leaders need to focus on boosting engagement by listening to employees' thoughts, in turn, helping them...
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How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding process

How HR software enhances employee onboarding

By Employee Management, Onboarding

How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding experience  Onboarding can make or break a new starter’s experience at a company. It’s the first real taste they’ll get of the way you like to work, and it’s crucial to their success, engagement, and perception of their new workplace.  In fact, research shows that a great onboarding experience can improve staff retention by 82%, and boost productivity by over 70% – revealing how important it is to do onboarding right.  Presenting a new recruit with a mix of emails, physical documents, and a variety of company portals can be overwhelming…

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The importance of reliable HR software for enterprises with remote workers

Why remote teams need reliable HR software

By Business, Employee Management, Performance Management
The importance of reliable HR software for organisations with remote workers Remote working is here to stay. So much so that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) discovered that working from home in the UK has more than doubled from 4.7m to 9.9m from 2019 to 2022.  With such a large number of the population choosing to work from home – and employers still needing to find ways to effectively manage their remote workforces – HR software can lend a helping hand, in more ways than one.  HR software helps maintain clear communication across remote teams  The amount of applications...
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Sarah Dowzell, COO of Natural HR, shortlisted for Women in Tech Awards 2022

Sarah Dowzell makes shortlist for Women in Tech Awards

By Events, HR News, Natural HR

We’re delighted to share that our COO and Natural HR’s co-founder, Sarah Dowzell has been shortlisted for not one, but two categories in the Women in Tech Awards! A finalist in the ‘Tech professional (non-coding)’ and ‘Tech entrepreneur’ categories, Sarah has been recognised for the crucial role she’s played — not just in bringing Natural HR to market, but in its continued success. This is thanks, in no small part, to the entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering drive to succeed that Sarah has displayed throughout the past decade. It’s an approach that Sarah hopes will inspire other women and girls looking to…

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