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Sarah Dowzell, Assoc CIPD

The biggest HR challenges faced by growing companies

By Business, Human Resources

There is no universal threshold a small business needs to reach before starting to build an in-house HR team, but 50 employees is a typical benchmark. At this point, it becomes clear that standardised, formal HR processes are necessary to avoid the chaos that can ensue as more new people join the business. Whereas previously an organisation may have hired a part-time HR practitioner or consultancy, a permanent HR professional is now needed to build an internal HR operation that can support the next phase of the company’s growth. When the business reaches between 150 to 200 employees it’s likely…

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NB Employee Benefits

How to Benchmark Employee Benefits

By Employee Benefits

Your boss has set you the task of reviewing your organisation’s employee benefits package and benchmarking it externally to see how you compare against the market. If you haven’t undertaken an exercise like this before it might seem a little daunting, but in this post, I am going to share a few ideas on how you can obtain some external data for use in benefits benchmarking. What is Employee Benchmarking? Employee benchmarking is the process of setting standards and expectations for an employee’s work.  These benchmarks are then often used during performance evaluations, pay reviews and can be used to…

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