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Sarah Dowzell, Assoc CIPD


What does HR Tech have to do with organisational culture?

By Culture, HR Software

In July 2016, the CIPD released their research report entitled: “A duty of Care? Evidence of the importance of organisational culture to effective governance and leadership”. The report highlights the fact that Culture is essential for an organisation to be successful but recognises that shaping Culture is a timely complex process. The report calls for business leaders and board members to take more responsibility for sculpting organisational culture, as well as addressing cultural issues should they arise. Furthermore, the report provides recommendations on how boards can understand, measure and develop organisational culture, but what is culture anyway? What is culture? “The way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular…

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#CIPDMAP16 – are you joining us?

By Events

What is CIPD Midlands Area Partnership (MAP)? I’m really pleased to announce that we will be attending the CIPD Midlands Area Partnership (MAP) event on Saturday 8th October at Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire, also known as #CIPDMAP16. The MAP combines 8 CIPD branches from across the Midlands, made up of 14,500 members – so this will be a great opportunity to network with fellow HR and L&D professionals! The focus for this year’s full-day event is “Building Workplaces for the Future”.  Early Birds who have secured a limited place at the Brexit Breakfast with Mills & Reeve, will be exploring the impact of Brexit and what this means…

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social media snooping

Social Media Snooping: It Works Both Ways

By Human Resources, Recruitment

Earlier this week I was asked on Twitter if I would recommend that recruiters use social media to evaluate prospects. As employers and recruiters have embraced social media as a tool in their recruitment strategy it has become more acceptable to view candidate profiles. However, ethics and legalities have always been called into question on the topic and best practice recommends to draw a distinction between professional and personal profiles, as well as let candidates know in advance. The CIPD even has a publication, Pre-employment checks: an employer’s guide which devotes a whole section to social media in recruitment. The…

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3 ways to improve candidate experience

3 Tips to Improve Candidate Experience

By Recruitment

What is candidate experience and why does it matter? Candidate experience includes everything that a jobseeker goes through from the moment they come across your vacancy to the end of your recruitment process – however far through they make it. This experience is often something which is overlooked by recruiters and companies, but, did you know that 88% of candidates who received a positive recruitment experience are more likely to then go on and buy from that company? Regardless as to whether you operate in B2C or B2B market, a candidate who receives a poor experience will probably not apply…

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5 tips to improve employee retention

5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

By Employee Retention

Think that your staff want to stay with you forever? Think again. That’s if the CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook: Spring 2015 survey is reflective of your organisation.  It reveals that 23% of respondents were looking for a new job with a different employer. And if the economy continues to pick up, that situation is only likely to worsen as employees grow more confident about switching roles during the upturn. What is employee retention? Employee retention is the phrase used to describe how long your staff work at your company. The longer your employees remain in your employ, the higher your retention….

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