• The complete HR solution – for the price of an HR database

    Here are just some of the immediate benefits of Natural HR

HR Software for HR professionals

Whether you work as a standalone HR professional or as part of an HR team, you’ll be able to consolidate your employee data from different spreadsheets, filing cabinets and third party systems into our HR software so that you have one central view of your HR data. 

Predictable and affordable pricing

You simply pay one monthly fee based on the number of staff you employ. You don’t need to buy hardware, software or employ consultants. In fact, all you need is a browser, an internet connection – and you’re good to go.

``An easy to use, effective, safe and efficient HR system that saves considerable time and paperwork``

Robert Goble, Tandem Global Logistics

Save time

Tired of searching for that elusive missing file that wasn’t returned or has been put back in the wrong place? Natural HR makes finding information a whole new experience. It also makes it simple to cross reference people in seconds. Select by department, age, length of service – or in any way you choose.

Less clutter

The paperless office isn’t with us just yet, but Natural HR is a big step towards it for many companies. Our cloud based HR software helps eliminate overflowing filing cabinets and offices stacked with boxes. All the records that you need are securely stored online and can be accessed by you from anywhere.

Find out why thousands of HR professionals rely on Natural HR


Provide a better employee experience

People power! One thing that all staff hate is waiting weeks for permission to book holidays or record timesheets. Empower your employees to manage their own personal details, upload documents, request time off, process timesheets and they’ll love the power and freedom it gives them.

Take a strategic approach to work

According to XpertHR’s HR Roles and Responsibilities 2013 Benchmarking Survey, the average HR professional spends twice as much time on admin as they do on strategic initiatives. By investing in our state of the art human resources software platform, you can spend less time on admin leaving more time to proactively invest in strategic and business initiatives (or whatever else you want to do). With access to a wealth of information and powerful reporting, the time spent will be more productive than ever.

``Natural HR has helped me eliminate the mounds of chaotic HR paperwork, allowing me to electronically and securely store my data in a manner that is intuitive and easy to retrieve. There are many systems out there but few are as comprehensive and easy to use.``

Shayla Chambless, Options Urgent Care & Wellness Centre

Secure platform

Natural HR is built from the ground up with security in mind. We are an ISO27001 accredited which is an externally audited, international security standard. In fact, moving to a dedicated platform such as ours will, in almost all cases, be more secure than your current processes and systems.

Guaranteed service levels

Nobody likes waiting. That’s why we offer guaranteed service levels for availability meaning that you will be able to access the system when you need to.