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Why HR Metrics Are Important

Why HR metrics are important

By Big Data, HR Software
A measurement system is important for every aspect of a business. We use metrics to ascertain what is and isn’t working, allowing us to ensure that everything runs optimally. Since human resources is the element of an organisation that makes sure that employees are working efficiently and effectively, the metrics involved here are extremely useful. In this post, Natural HR explains the importance of HR metrics, as well as the key performance indicators for HR. Keep reading to find out more about how to measure HR and use these metrics to take your business forward. What are HR metrics? Human...
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What does HR reporting mean?

What does HR reporting mean?

By Big Data, HR Software, Technology
What does HR reporting mean? Reporting is a crucial part of most business factions. It is important to be able to view and judge whether goals have been reached, what is costing more than budgeted for, and where you’re maybe missing the mark. HR represents the human element of a business, so HR reporting provides actionable information on employees. From employee performance to retention and revenue per employee, the data provided from HR metrics enables your business to make informed decisions and reach its goals. Keep reading to find out more about HR reports and how Natural HR software can...
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Sarah Dowzell, COO of Natural HR, shortlisted for Women in Tech Awards 2022

Sarah Dowzell makes shortlist for Women in Tech Awards

By Events, HR News, Natural HR

We’re delighted to share that our COO and Natural HR’s co-founder, Sarah Dowzell has been shortlisted for not one, but two categories in the Women in Tech Awards! A finalist in the ‘Tech professional (non-coding)’ and ‘Tech entrepreneur’ categories, Sarah has been recognised for the crucial role she’s played — not just in bringing Natural HR to market, but in its continued success. This is thanks, in no small part, to the entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering drive to succeed that Sarah has displayed throughout the past decade. It’s an approach that Sarah hopes will inspire other women and girls looking to…

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Guide to bereavement leave for employers

Guide to Bereavement Leave

By Absence Management, Employee Relations
Guide to bereavement leave for employers Bereavement leave is a sensitive subject, making it tricky to understand how and why it works. Involving the death of a loved one, this form of leave is one that your employees probably hope never to ask for.  Unfortunately, bereavement is a part of life, and you will probably receive a number of these requests over the course of time. Natural HR has put together this guide to bereavement leave in the UK so that you are fully prepared for this situation as and when it arises. What is bereavement leave? Bereavement leave is...
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What is a zero-hour contract and how does it work?

What is a zero-hour contract?

By Legal, Talent Management
What is a zero-hour contract & how does it work? Zero-hour contracts are designed to offer the opportunity for a more casual agreement between employers and employees. This type of contract works well when organisations have changing workloads and expectations. However, zero-hour contracts have become quite a controversial subject in the UK. In this post, Natural HR looks at what zero-hour contracts are, how they work, their legality, and more. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this type of contract. What is a zero-hour contract? A zero-hour contract is a type of employment contract in...
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