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Natural HR

Coming soon to Natural HR: a sneak peek

By HR News, Natural HR

Here at Natural HR, we’re dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with the very best HR and payroll software on the market. Our goal has always been to shake up the market with a fresh new perspective, personal service and sense of community. As we look ahead to the future of Natural HR, our team strives to make frequent and valuable improvements to our system. What’s more, we continue to empower our customers to actively shape our HR and payroll software for the future to ensure we are always delivering everything an HR professional needs to…

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Employee wellbeing in 2021

What does employee wellbeing look like in 2021? 10 HR and business leaders tell all

By Employee Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing

The past year has turned everything we thought about the future of work on its head. HR leaders across the globe navigate a return to the office, the introduction of hybrid working models and the changing needs of employees. In a year where the way companies treated their people was under more scrutiny than ever before, the priorities of every HR department changed and workload increased significantly. Companies were, and continue to be, measured by how they prioritised the needs of their people. In this article, we talk to 10 HR and business leaders who share the ways in which…

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hcm software

What is Human Capital Management (HCM) software?

By HR Software

Human Capital Management (HCM) software is technology designed to help employers to manage, recruit and develop a workforce to become their most productive and engaged selves. HCM software will usually include modules such as a core HR database to store employee data, recruitment, people management, self-service, performance, analytics and much more. Why is HCM software important? At its simplest form, human capital management is about putting people first as employers are starting to realise that their employees are their most important asset. Research by Gallup suggests that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability for companies, so keeping them engaged…

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Levelling up your D&I: how tech can help

By Diversity and Inclusion, HR Software

HR industry analyst, Josh Bersin states that “companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.” Clearly, diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are not just a feel-good, box-checking exercise for HR departments; but they have a marked impact on financial and business success. To put good D&I in perspective, a study by the World Bank found that gender-based pay parity could potentially see the world economy grow by a staggering £120 trillion. And those with senior management teams that are gender diverse are 21% more likely to report financial performance that is above…

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hr data security at home

HR data security at home

By COVID-19, Security

If you attended the recent CIPD Festival of Work virtual event on 15th and 17th June, you might have listened to a talk from our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Dowzell, who discussed how HR teams can secure their data whilst working from home. If you missed it, we’ve highlighted the key points below. Firstly, a little insight into Jason’s background. Jason is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Natural HR. Providing cloud-based HR and payroll software that helps HR professionals to better contribute to productivity and growth; Jason co-founded the now 28 people strong business, Natural HR, alongside his wife…

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