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How to approach embarrassing personal issues with employees

By Employee Wellbeing

If there’s one HR issue that strikes fear into the hearts of managers the world over, it’s dealing with embarrassing employee personal issues. Considered by many to be far more challenging than a disciplinary, tackling staff problems that are highly personal is an unsavoury task that is laden with opportunities to make things worse. There are few HR meetings that call on the same mix of compassion, authority and tactility, which is why so many managers – experienced or otherwise – end up making costly errors. Personal issues are as wide as they are complex, with the most common including:…

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The complete guide to working from home and avoiding distractions

By Motivation

In 2016, a study revealed that 1.5 million people had swapped the traditional working environment for that of their own home office. That colossal figure has contributed to an increase of nearly a quarter of a million home workers in the last decade. The benefits of working from home are compelling to even the staunchest supporters of regular 9 to 5, office-based working practises. You get to set your own hours, avoid the need to waste time each day commuting and find yourself surrounded by homely comforts. Technology has played a huge part in the rise of the home worker, too,…

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The tried-and-tested 15 building blocks of employee engagement

By Employee Engagement

Imagine walking into a business each morning that consists only of workers who know exactly what the end goal is. Imagine going to work every day knowing that everyone has bought into the company and will do all they can to make it successful. Productivity would reach its peak, the quality of the work would go sky-high, negativity would never rear its head and as a result, customers would receive nothing but the best products and ultimate customer service. Back in the real world, things are usually rather different. While a good proportion of most workforces are indeed fully on-board…

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How to break down divides between departments and eradicate silos in the workplace

By Employee Management, Employee Relations

A business is a team. No matter how large or small the organisation, in order for it to be productive, profitable and capable of providing customers with the best possible experience, every single individual and department needs to work as one. It’s much like a football team. If one player isn’t pulling their weight, or if the defenders have lost all respect for the attacking line, they’ll never win another game and will, eventually, sink without trace. The thought of ‘tribes’ and silos existing within the four walls of a business is unpalatable for any business owner or HR team….

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Back to basics: how to communicate brilliantly as a manager

By Employee Management, Leadership

The art of being a great manager (and it really is an art) is akin to that of a brilliant actor. If you’ve ever occupied a position of authority in a business, you’ll know exactly what we’re referring to. Every time you enter the office, you’re expected to put on a performance – it’s highly unlikely that you’re the same person in front of your team as you are in front of your spouse or kids. This doesn’t mean that managers are robotic or disingenuous, either. Asserting authority and keeping both staff and projects in line is incredibly challenging and…

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