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how is asset management relevant to hr

How is Asset Management Relevant to HR?

By Technology

In the Enterprise version of Natural HR we offer asset management – you may be thinking, what does asset management have to do with HR? It is a fair question! Often asset management is the responsibility of Facilities for example and not HR. Natural HR offers a complete HR system that takes the employee lifecycle right from recruitment through to offboarding – for many companies, part of onboarding (and conversely offboarding) is assigning equipment to employees. It could be IT equipment like a laptop or a phone right through to something more significant like a car but, either way, the…

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Total Reward Statements

Total Rewards Statements

By Employee Benefits

What are Total Rewards? The reward is typically connected with financial rewards such as pay and benefits as opposed to non-financial rewards. When financial and non-financial rewards are used in conjunction with each other this is referred to as total rewards. The Total Rewards principle takes into account everything an employee values from their employment relationship. This not only includes monetary benefits but also rewards such as achievement, growth and the work environment. What are Total Rewards Statements? Put simply, a brief report of an employee’s complete benefits package provided by their employer. What to include in Total Rewards Statement?…

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NB Secure Password

What makes a secure password?

By Security

In the UK at the moment there is a lot of media focus on secure passwords coming from a Government campaign around the general area of online protection ( – whilst in London last week passing through the Underground I saw a number of billboard posters which gave examples of weak and secure passwords and they offered some great advice which I wanted to share but also look at some of the reasoning behind this. The general advice around passwords is: Use upper and lowercase letters Include numbers Include “symbols” (things like !, @, # etc) Make it at least…

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Why do I have to enter a PIN to login?

By Security

Frequently we get emails from clients who want to forego the requirement to enter a PIN number on login – additionally, a high proportion of support tickets we get are related to login problems and, most commonly, PIN numbers. So, with all that in mind, why do we bother with a PIN number? Firstly, it is worth remembering the type of data stored within an HRIS system – this is personally identifiable, employee data such as names and addresses and so on but, further to that, there is also data like dates of birth, driving license numbers, national insurance numbers…

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