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The importance of information sharing in HR

The importance of information sharing in HR

By Human Resources

The central role social media now plays in society has helped foster a culture of sharing. And, regardless of the fact that most of the content being shared revolves around amusing videos of cats and unfortunate mishaps with gardening implements, we do at least live in a world where people are more inclined to share than keep things close to their chest. In business, such a culture can be transformative. Imagine a staff base that proactively shares new techniques, insights into competitor strategy, market trends and lessons learned from mistakes. What organisation wouldn’t want that kind of culture to thrive?…

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It’s not all about bonuses: how to motivate employees for free

By Motivation

Getting lost in the assumption that bonuses and additional pay are the only ways to make workers more productive is an expensive business. Bonus schemes on top of bonus schemes and a payroll that is as unwieldy as it is inconsistent are two indicators that an organisation has fallen into the trap of assuming employees are only motivated by one thing – money. We all go to work, ultimately, to get paid. But a career is so much more than that; it’s about learning, developing one’s interpersonal skills and realising ambitions. Wonderful things can be achieved in business, but there…

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Employee Development

18 ways technology can make employee development as exciting as it should be

By Technology

We’ve all been there – sat in a dull, grey-walled room that features uncomfortable metal chairs and a complete absence of character as the tutor moves onto slide seventy-six of their presentation. Time itself stands still and you feel like a kid again, waiting for the clock on the wall to strike the hour that signals ‘home time’. Traditional training sessions, while still entirely relevant in certain situations, are gradually giving way to new forms of employee development. Learning can now be conducted anywhere, at any time and with pretty much any device you have to hand. Mobile learning, social…

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re-engage employees

16 ways to re-engage disengaged employees

By Employee Engagement

Studies that look into employee engagement are beginning to move away from using a single metric with which to measure engagement. And this stands to reason; creating one score risks oversimplifying what is a complex aspect of the business. Engagement within the workplace has always been hard to quantify, yet research tells us that it’s chronically low across the globe. In 2013, US analytics firm Gallup revealed that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Of perhaps greater concern is that 22% of all UK workers are actively disengaged. Try putting that into context within your own operation;…

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360 feedback review

What do you need when making your own 360 feedback review?

By Performance Management

Before you start creating the 360 feedback form, you need to ask yourself – ‘what is the purpose of the data I’m trying to collect’? If you don’t know why you’re creating a 360 feedback form, then there’s not really much point of one being created. Some reasons you may create one are; To gauge what an employee’s strengths are and where they feel confident. Work out where an employee needs to improve. Assessing progress on their skills and confidence over time. Detecting critiques from colleagues which they perhaps can’t see themselves. Finding out what the working relationships in the…

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