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Absence Management

Enhance Absence Management Blog

Enhance Your Absence Management with the Power of HR Software

By Absence Management, HR Software

At the heart of every HR professional’s approach to absence management is a desire to tackle employee absenteeism before it develops into a more serious issue. Every business will have its own absence policies and procedures, but in order for these to work to the best of their ability, these need to be effectively communicated to employees and managers alike, with HR and management proactively and appropriately applying them. Absenteeism could suggest a lack of engagement from employees, or they could feel overworked. It might be an issue within a certain department or line manager, or a chronic illness that…

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maternity pay calculator

Maternity Pay Calculator

By Absence Management, Employee Management, Paternity leave

Pregnancy and the birth of your baby are extremely exciting and momentous periods in any person’s life. However, this significant time doesn’t come without its stresses. Expecting mothers have to stop working while suddenly having higher bills than before. Thankfully, maternity pay helps to bridge the gap. But how much maternity leave pay are you entitled to? Whether you are an employee who wants to understand what you can expect from your maternity leave pay, or an employer responsible for calculating maternity pay, this blog is for you. Who Qualifies for Statutory Maternity Pay? To qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay,…

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holiday pay calculator

Holiday Pay Calculator UK

By Absence Management, Holiday entitlement, Holiday Pro-Rata
In the UK, all employees are entitled to annual paid leave. This gives employees a chance to rest and recharge, enabling them to return to work refreshed and ready. In this blog, Natural HR looks at how to calculate holiday pay and answers all the questions we are most frequently asked about holiday pay and overtime. Whether you are an employee who wants to understand what you can expect from your annual leave, or an employer responsible for allocating an entire team’s holiday leave, this blog is for you. How to Calculate Holiday Pay When calculating holiday pay, you will use a...
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Guide to bereavement leave for employers

Guide to Bereavement Leave

By Absence Management, Employee Relations
Guide to bereavement leave for employers Bereavement leave is a sensitive subject, making it tricky to understand how and why it works. Involving the death of a loved one, this form of leave is one that your employees probably hope never to ask for.  Unfortunately, bereavement is a part of life, and you will probably receive a number of these requests over the course of time. Natural HR has put together this guide to bereavement leave in the UK so that you are fully prepared for this situation as and when it arises. What is bereavement leave? Bereavement leave is...
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What causes employee absenteeism?

What causes employee absenteeism?

By Absence Management

Employee absenteeism can be a tricky situation to navigate. Employees may have very legitimate reasons for being absent, or they may have somewhat lacking rationales. How do you know which is which, and how do you respond? Our HR experts have put together this guide to help you navigate through absenteeism. Keep reading to find out what absenteeism is, its effect on the workplace, how to handle it within your organisation, and how to reduce absenteeism. What is work absenteeism? Of course, all employees are away from work for portions of the year, whether for a holiday, maternity or paternity…

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