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Absence Management

Absence management

Absence management and why it’s important

By Absence Management

Absence management is, as the name suggests, the process of managing absences in your workplace. It’s important to have a plan for dealing with employees absent from work because it can be disruptive and costly when too many people are out at once. When you’re putting together an absence management plan, you should think about how often people are taking off, what percentage of your staff will need coverage when someone is gone, and whether or not there are any consequences for being absent. The most important thing you can do as an employer is listen to your team members…

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guide on how to calculate absence rate

Your complete guide on how to calculate the absence rate of your staff

By Absence Management, Analytics, HR News

For HR teams, calculating your team’s absence rates can be an effective tool to help manage your workforce, identify any potential issues and ensure that you can easily manage your team. In this article, we will look at one of the most popular methods to calculate the absence rate, the Bradford factor, so that you can implement it in your workplace. How to calculate sickness absence percentages To measure the amount of time lost to sickness, absence or absenteeism within your business, you can use the Bradford Factor formula. The Bradford Factor uses the following formula: B = S x S…

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Employee Lateness

Dealing with an employee who is always late

By Absence Management, Employee Management

We’re all late from time to time; it is part of life. From being delayed in traffic, broken down cars and even sleeping through an alarm, we’ve all been there! In a survey conducted by the Heathrow Express, employee lateness costs the UK economy around £9 billion a year. Traffic caused by road works (41%) was the leading cause of tardiness, closely followed by public transport delays (29%), unforeseen circumstances (25%), torrid weather (18%), sleeping through an alarm (14%) and leaving something behind (12%). But as an employer, punctual employees that are strong and passionate are critical to productivity as…

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the bradford factor calculator

Bradford Factor Calculator

By Absence Management

What is the Bradford Factor? The Bradford Factor is a way of measuring an employee’s absenteeism and is intended to highlight frequent short-term absence. The Bradford Factor can also be referred to as the Bradford Index or Bradford Formula. Why use the Bradford Factor? The Bradford Factor is usually used as a tool in part of the wider absence management process as opposed to a standalone tool. This is because of its heavy weighting on frequent short-term absence, which on its own could potentially be considered unfair or discriminatory. The tool can be used to identify trends and underlying patterns…

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Annual Leave – 5 Ways to Manage Summer Holiday Requests

By Absence Management, Employee Benefits

The big issue of annual leave requests in the Summer. The summer is finally here, British Summer Time has already begun, and schools and colleges across the country are now on the countdown until the big summer break. That’s great if you work in the academic sector and have an academic calendar, but what about the thousands (if not millions) of businesses who don’t? Annual leave requests for July and August (other than Christmas) significantly increase. Parents juggling childcare are usually first to hand in their requests with many colleagues soon following – simply because it’s summer! So how do…

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