Young business man using technology to build his employer brand

How technology can help you build your employer brand

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There’s now more competition in the jobs market than ever – but it’s employers, not just candidates, who are competing to stand out from the crowd. June 2018 saw a record low number of applications per vacancy in the UK (Source: Personnel Today), providing proof if any were needed, that it’s a candidate-centric market. It’s clear that employers can no longer take their pick of the top talent – rather, the top talent has to choose you. And that means building an employer brand that the best candidates want to work for… Salaries and incentive schemes will always have a…

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Assets placed on table for HR & Finance to boost company's financial success

How Human Resources can boost a company’s financial success

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Nothing is accomplished in an organisation without people. And the hub of all things people-related is the HR department, which drives activities – such as hiring, onboarding, leadership development and career improvement – that all have a big effect on the success of an organisation. Therefore, both directly and indirectly, HR influences almost every aspect of a company’s financial performance and can have an impact that is overwhelmingly positive and profitable. Yet it can often be hard to prove this point, as people power is a metric that’s all too rarely measured. But this is starting to change and HR…

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Employment and the gig economy – are you ready for change?

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The gig economy is booming, and the makeup of the modern workforce might well be changed forever. Zero hours is the new ‘nine to five’, freelancers are the new full-timers, and increasing digital capabilities mean independent and casual workers continue to rise. It’s estimated that as much as 30% of the working-age population in Europe is dancing to the tune of the gig economy already. The pros and cons of the gig economy, both for these flex-workers and their employers, can be debated long and hard – but the movement itself is undeniable. It’s therefore unsurprising that legal and tax…

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The GDPR revisited – how the new legislation has affected HR

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect for just over four months. For all the hype and trepidation that spread across the business world in the lead up to May 25th 2018, the noise has now somewhat dissipated. So, what has been the impact of GDPR four months on, both on HR and the wider business? And how much is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ready and willing to flex its new powers? For the latter, this may become clear very soon when we see what action is taken against British Airways (BA) for its recently reported…

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Are robots the answer to a post-Brexit jobs crisis?

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Britain will officially leave the EU on the 29th March 2019, when the two-year-long game of ‘Deal or No Deal’ comes to its conclusion. While the exact outcome of these negotiations remains to be seen, it’s clear that Brexit will have (and already is having) a significant impact on the UK jobs market – with an impending skills shortage predicted by many economists. That’s not just a problem for the economy and for the Government, but a very real concern on the front lines of business too. As an employer, how do you overcome this potential shortfall to keep your…

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