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what is agile hr

What is Agile HR – and how to get started

By Culture, Management

Unless you’ve been buried under paperwork for the last decade (entirely plausible in the HR world), you’re bound to be at least vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘Agile’ project management. Agile methodology was the brainchild of software engineers in the 70s and 80s, developed as a way to speed up their development projects. It was founded on the principles of collaboration and iteration – breaking down large, complex projects into shorter work cycles, delivered by multi-functional teams. Agile has since been adopted by all kinds of different industries and is now one of the most widely recognised project management…

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A group of employees are strategically planning how to modernise HR activities

5 best practices to modernise your HR department

By Culture, Human Resources

Each new year heralds a fresh start for every business and provides an opportune moment for HR leaders to take stock of the rapidly changing work environment. From the rise of the Millennial and Generation Z workforce to the increasing proliferation of freelancers and ‘gig’ workers, a number of employment trends have transformed the workplace in recent years. Add technology developments into the mix, and it seems the goalposts are moving on a near daily basis – all of which makes it essential for HR departments to adapt, modernise HR and move with the times. Traditional HR models are fast…

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Autonomy in the Workplace – 5 ways to foster autonomy in your workplace

By Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Management

Autonomy – Does my business need it? We’ve all heard the age-old saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day…. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”, but sometimes letting go and allowing your employees to do their job is harder than it sounds. As your business, or team grows, the last thing you want is to hand hold your team members to do their job, when you need to concentrate on the bigger picture (even if you want to and think you should do!) So how do you foster…

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How to Keep Staff Motivated and Cool During a Heatwave – Our Top 5 Tips

By Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Wellbeing

Summer is finally here, the sun is out, the nights are long and everyone is happier – right? Well not everyone, especially employees battling long commutes on overcrowded stuffy trains and sitting in warm offices 9-5 dreaming of the weekend and it’s only Monday. So how can you keep staff motivated and cool during a heatwave without giving them the summer off? 1) Be flexible If your office is based in the city centre and your staff need to navigate public transport during busy periods, consider operating a flexible work arrangement to allow staff to start early (or late) to…

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How to create a culture of flexible working without ruining everything

By Culture

The term ‘flexible working’ often strikes fear into the hearts of managers. The very idea that staff could be allowed to work hours of their choosing and, at any point in time, decide to finish early or come in late appears to be entirely counterproductive. However, research by the Lancaster University Work Foundation has revealed that over half of UK businesses are set to offer flexible working options for staff in 2017. Flexible working isn’t a ticket to procrastination and stunted productivity. When implemented correctly, it should have the exact opposite effect, and that’s for one very good reason –…

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