Employee Benefits

What benefits employees want

What benefits employees want, what they really, really want

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Employees (the lifeblood of a company), are usually given additional perks alongside their salary in almost every job role today. There’s a whole industry built around rewarding employees and millennials filling the modern workplace has taken employee benefits to a new level. From free fruit to flexible working, there are a host of options available. No longer is a decent salary enough, to attract and retain top talent, employers need to offer ‘value-adds’ to be attractive to potential candidates and employees. Especially as a third of candidates class company benefits as one of the most significant factors they consider before…

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unlimited holiday policy

6 pros and cons of an unlimited holiday policy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’re probably aware of a new holiday policy that companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Virgin are introducing, where employees get unlimited holiday entitlement. The idea is that the organisation trusts each employee to manage their own leave requests and to take as much or as little as they want, when they want it. No tracking, no allocated days, just take a holiday when you want to. It may sound like a joke… but it isn’t. Could this new idea really be introduced into every organisation? Would…

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Shared Parental Leave – The Top 10 FAQS on Shared Parental Leave and Pay

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Shared Parental Leave is still relatively a new concept, one you don’t often hear about unless you are in HR circles, but it has been in place for a good couple of years now, so what exactly is it and why is it still relatively unheard of? In April 2015, the UK brought in new rules for parents taking leave after the birth or adoption of their child.  A flexible and equal approach to allow both parents to assist (and enjoy) childcare with a legal right to return to work policy providing families with a new way to manage ‘maternity leave’….

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Annual Leave – 5 Ways to Manage Summer Holiday Requests

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The big issue of annual leave requests in the Summer. The summer is finally here, British Summer Time has already begun, and schools and colleges across the country are now on the countdown until the big summer break. That’s great if you work in the academic sector and have an academic calendar, but what about the thousands (if not millions) of businesses who don’t? Annual leave requests for July and August (other than Christmas) significantly increase. Parents juggling childcare are usually first to hand in their requests with many colleagues soon following – simply because it’s summer! So how do…

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Tax Free Childcare due this autumn delayed until 2017

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A few months ago we posted on the upcoming coming changes to tax-efficient childcare arrangements. The government was expected to launch a new Tax-free childcare scheme (TFC) this autumn, which would have seen the end of salary sacrifice childcare vouchers for parents not already in a scheme. The new TFC scheme will not involve going through employers but, instead, parents will have an account with the National Savings and Investments Bank (NS&I) in which they can put up to £8,000 a year for which the government will provide a top-up capped at £2,000. It appears that parents will be able…

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