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Quiet Thriving and how it can address Quiet Quitting and Resenteeism

What is ‘Quiet Thriving’ and can it address ‘Quiet Quitting’ and ‘Resenteeism’?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

HR seems to be inundated with buzzwords at the moment. Somewhat understandably so, too, as the industry gets to grips with recruitment and retention problems. The employment landscape seems to be in a constant state of flux and thought leaders and influencers are regularly coming up with new HR jargon to concisely sum up the issues of the day. The latest example of this is ‘quiet thriving’, something which has been touted as a potential antidote to ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘resenteeism’ which has been affecting many organisations over the past year. What is ‘quiet quitting’? There’s a good chance you’ve…

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5 ways to improve employee engagement in 2023, blog

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in 2023

By Employee Engagement
As we continue into 2023, improving employee engagement is critical. A highly engaged workforce is crucial for business success, leading to increased productivity, better employee retention rates, and improved customer satisfaction.  One of your top goals as an HR leader should be to keep your team engaged and motivated. To give you a headstart, here are five practical employee engagement strategies that’ll help you create a more positive, productive work environment. 1. Promote a Growth Mindset Culture Creating a growth mindset culture empowers individuals to learn from their mistakes and explore new challenges. As a result, your staff gets access...
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What is all the noise about 'Quiet Quitting'?

What’s all the noise about ‘Quiet Quitting’?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Retention, Natural HR

From hybrid working and the ‘new normal’ to waist-up fashion and Zooming, we’ve certainly adopted a new vocabulary of buzz terms and jargon when it comes to the office and everyday working – and one of the latest ones is ‘quiet quitting’. Thanks to the unprecedented events surrounding the pandemic, people started to name and explain new processes and phenomena that simply hadn’t happened before. And although the lockdown is over, we continue to do so. ‘Quiet quitting’, alongside terms such as ‘quiet thriving’ and ‘resenteeism’, has recently joined the mighty dictionary of post-pandemic working life. But what exactly is…

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Employee goals and resolutions Blog

Incorporating Employees’ New Year’s Resolutions & Goals Into Your Business

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Performance Management

A new year means new beginnings. The slate has been wiped clean from the prior year, and it’s time to start a fresh. For businesses, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the challenges and successes experienced over the past 12 months and use this knowledge to create actionable goals that can help the business to make improvements going forward. However, is it enough to look at the New Year’s resolutions of the organisation as a whole? What about the resolutions and goals of each employee? After all, they may have their own professional goals they wish to fulfil,…

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How can Natural HR's software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond?

How Natural HR’s software can improve employee engagement

By Employee Engagement, HR Software, Natural HR
How can Natural HR’s software help improve employee engagement in 2022 and beyond? The UK has been revealed as one of the worst countries for employee engagement at work, with only 9% of staff feeling enthusiastic about their roles in 2022. Shocking, right?! With such a low number of employees feeling aligned to companies’ goals and values – and the added stress of a highly competitive job market – more needs to be done to create positive working environments, engage employees, and retain talent.  Leaders need to focus on boosting engagement by listening to employees' thoughts, in turn, helping them...
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