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Why your business should change incentives and how to do it

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Bonuses have long been a business tradition. And, to a degree, they work. You work harder, the business makes more money and, in return, you end up with a fatter payslip – simple and satisfying, no? Not always. As we’re often reminded, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. The latter will always dampen the bonus party spirit, because one look at your shiny, sizeable payslip will reveal that much of what you’ve earned in addition to your base salary has been gobbled up by the tax man, leaving a somewhat menial take-home fee for all the blood,…

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The tried-and-tested 15 building blocks of employee engagement

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Imagine walking into a business each morning that consists only of workers who know exactly what the end goal is. Imagine going to work every day knowing that everyone has bought into the company and will do all they can to make it successful. Productivity would reach its peak, the quality of the work would go sky-high, negativity would never rear its head and as a result, customers would receive nothing but the best products and ultimate customer service. Back in the real world, things are usually rather different. While a good proportion of most workforces are indeed fully on-board…

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The power of content: the best ways to engage employees

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This featured image was produced by Gavin Whitner via Flickr. One of the toughest challenges in learning and development (L&D) is information retention. And it’s a problem that has existed for an awfully long time; think about how many times you’ve been on a training course only to realise weeks later that you simply can’t recall any of the detail. There’ll be small nuggets of information that will linger – particularly impressive statistics or mini-stories that were engaging enough to be memorable – but on the whole, the stuff you were supposed to leave at the back of your brain for safe…

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re-engage employees

16 ways to re-engage disengaged employees

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Studies that look into employee engagement are beginning to move away from using a single metric with which to measure engagement. And this stands to reason; creating one score risks oversimplifying what is a complex aspect of the business. Engagement within the workplace has always been hard to quantify, yet research tells us that it’s chronically low across the globe. In 2013, US analytics firm Gallup revealed that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Of perhaps greater concern is that 22% of all UK workers are actively disengaged. Try putting that into context within your own operation;…

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20 best employers in the uk

The 20 best employers in the UK have been named

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The most attractive large employer in the UK has been named. In a survey by Ranstad, Rolls Royce has been named the best large employer to work for. The survey asked 200,000 workers questions about employee relations and they found the best employers satisfy their employees on subjects such as; salary, benefits, training quality, long term reward schemes, working atmosphere, management and long term job security. Companies which ignore are falling behind and are losing the best candidates to more attractive companies which offer rewards based on performance management or long term service. The full list is: 1. Rolls Royce…

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