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The changing workplace – 5 key HR trends to watch in 2019

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Our recent Natural HR annual conference – entitled ‘How HR can adapt to the changing workplace’ – was a fascinating event that yielded many insightful predictions for the coming year. On 29th November 2018, three prominent HR experts shared their views on how the workplace will change in 2019. They were, gig economy specialist and HR influencer Annabel Kaye; entrepreneur and employee engagement expert Glenn Elliott; and writer and HR transformation specialist Andrew Spence. Their talks were followed by a panel discussion, in which they answered questions about the future of work and the changing role of HR. So for…

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How better onboarding can boost employee effectiveness

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Onboarding is viewed by many as an essential business function. However, not all companies have an established onboarding process in place – and those that do are often dissatisfied with it. When you think of the primary goal of onboarding – to minimise the time to the effectiveness of a new employee – it’s a wonder some companies don’t take it more seriously.   A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that 22% of companies had no formal onboarding programme, whilst 49% only rated their onboarding procedure as ‘somewhat successful’. Yet it’s not just about the missed opportunity,…

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5 ways HR technology can improve employee productivity

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One of the key tasks facing any HR team is increasing employee productivity, as more productive employees translate into a healthier bottom line. With a productive workforce, you cut time-wasting, improve communication, boost engagement and raise happiness levels across your organisation – resulting in lower costs and higher profits. And there are now a host of tools out there that, when used properly, could result in higher employee productivity. Here are five ways technology can help you get the most out of your workforce: 1. Improve your reward programme Praising and rewarding staff has long been a mainstay of business…

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What Constitutes Bullying in the Workplace?

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It is estimated that workplace bullying costs almost £18 billion a year in the UK. It’s morally wrong and in some cases illegal. It impacts lives as well as productivity. But what constitutes bullying in the workplace? Bullying and harassment are broadly dealt with by the same legislation in the UK: the Equality Act 2010. Broadly speaking, bullying and harassment are defined as certain behaviours and actions which cause someone to feel either intimidated or offended. They are umbrella terms which cover a wide range of behaviours such as spreading rumours, isolating someone, or making derogatory remarks. It can happen…

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What are appraisals and are they important for my business?

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Appraisals and the need for them are currently a hot topic in and around the business world.  Business leaders are questioning the importance of them. HR Managers are validating the need for them. But are appraisals a thing of the past or a necessary business process? Whether you are of the thinking appraisals are a process driven, a form-filling activity that takes away creativity and adds more administrative pressure to managers and HR managers, or you think a standardised appraisal system is key to company performance – the importance to get it right, whatever approach you take is fundamental to success. Even…

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