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Are higher salaries the saving grace for recruitment & retention issues?

Are higher salaries the saving grace for recruitment & retention issues?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Relations, Employee Retention, Natural HR, Recruitment

Could higher paying jobs tackle recruitment & retention issues? Another year, another set of challenges in the workplace. Talent shortages, the cost of living crisis and increased demands from staff have given way to a highly volatile job market, which is now run by employees. This is being felt by HR professionals up and down the country as they try to recruit and retain talent as best they can in the current economic climate. But with more jobs than candidates and inflation running riot, the question is, is cash still king? Our HR in 2023 and beyond report revealed that…

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How can we drive more efficient HR in 2023

How can we drive more efficient HR in 2023?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Relations, HR Software

HR is a notoriously admin and document-heavy sector. From payroll details and contact information to performance reviews and engagement surveys, the abundance of personal data is a lot for any HR team to manage – particularly when it’s mostly paper-based. But now, in the digital age, technology drives departments. File cabinets have been transformed into cloud storage and physical manpower has been exchanged for automation. However whilst other departments have transitioned, HR has struggled to overhaul its system and processes due to its intrinsic link to the paper world. Even now that the HR technology market is booming and more…

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How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding process

How HR software enhances employee onboarding

By Employee Management, Natural HR, Onboarding

How HR software can help smooth the employee onboarding process  Onboarding has more of an influence than many people think on a new starter’s experience at a company. It’s the first real taste they’ll get of the way you as their new employer like to work, and it’s crucial to their engagement and perception of their new workplace, and ultimately, their success. In fact, research has shown that a great onboarding experience can improve staff retention by 82%, and boost productivity by over 70% – revealing how important it is to do onboarding right. However, it would seem that many…

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maternity pay calculator

Maternity Pay Calculator

By Absence Management, Employee Management, Paternity leave

Pregnancy and the birth of your baby are extremely exciting and momentous periods in any person’s life. However, this significant time doesn’t come without its stresses. Expecting mothers have to stop working while suddenly having higher bills than before. Thankfully, maternity pay helps to bridge the gap. But how much maternity leave pay are you entitled to? Whether you are an employee who wants to understand what you can expect from your maternity leave pay, or an employer responsible for calculating maternity pay, this blog is for you. Who Qualifies for Statutory Maternity Pay? To qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay,…

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What is all the noise about 'Quiet Quitting'?

What’s all the noise about ‘Quiet Quitting’?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employee Retention, Natural HR

From hybrid working and the ‘new normal’ to waist-up fashion and Zooming, we’ve certainly adopted a new vocabulary of buzz terms and jargon when it comes to the office and everyday working – and one of the latest ones is ‘quiet quitting’. Thanks to the unprecedented events surrounding the pandemic, people started to name and explain new processes and phenomena that simply hadn’t happened before. And although the lockdown is over, we continue to do so. ‘Quiet quitting’, alongside terms such as ‘quiet thriving’ and ‘resenteeism’, has recently joined the mighty dictionary of post-pandemic working life. But what exactly is…

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