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What are appraisals and are they important for my business?

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Appraisals and the need for them are currently a hot topic in and around the business world.  Business leaders are questioning the importance of them. HR Managers are validating the need for them. But are appraisals a thing of the past or a necessary business process? Whether you are of the thinking appraisals are a process driven, a form-filling activity that takes away creativity and adds more administrative pressure to managers and HR managers, or you think a standardised appraisal system is key to company performance – the importance to get it right, whatever approach you take is fundamental to success. Even…

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Autonomy in the Workplace – 5 ways to foster autonomy in your workplace

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Autonomy – Does my business need it? We’ve all heard the age-old saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day…. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”, but sometimes letting go and allowing your employees to do their job is harder than it sounds. As your business, or team grows, the last thing you want is to hand hold your team members to do their job, when you need to concentrate on the bigger picture (even if you want to and think you should do!) So how do you foster…

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Employee Feedback – How to give employee feedback in four simple, yet effective ways

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Outside of yearly appraisals, and bi-annual reviews, giving employee feedback is always tricky. Do you wait for a formal one to one to come up, or do something different? Employee engagement sometimes falls outside of company performance management policies and can be difficult to deliver in a practical, yet fair way – especially if there is no script or policy in place. Even if managers have monthly or fortnightly one to ones in place, delivering employee feedback above and beyond work in progress checks needs to be to the point, fair and purposeful. Here is our quick, four-step approach to delivering…

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Is it too hot to work? A HR Guide to Working Temperatures

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It’s hot, summer is finally here and the burning question on everyone’s lips is “Is it too hot to work?” Whether you work in an air-conditioned office, a school, a factory or even outdoors as the temperature rises, so do levels of irritability with everyone thinking the same “Is it too hot to work?” In the UK, according to ” indoor workplace temperatures must be reasonable” but from an HR Manager’s perspective, that’s not clear. Can employees go home if it’s too hot or not? The answer is complicated because legally there is no law for maximum working temperatures….

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Losing staff? Here’s 8 ways to retain your best people

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Recruiting new staff is a long, expensive process, which is why whenever you lose a member of the team, the repercussions are felt far and wide. Worse still, if you go through a spate of resignations, the overall morale among those left may take a serious hit, thus threatening productivity and potentially turning the swift exit of a few into a mass exodus. To build a strong, healthy business that is capable of growth and constant improvement, you need to retain staff. In particular, the top talent you’ve spent years nurturing or significant recruitment funds bringing on board, is a…

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