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Remote Employees

5 tips on managing remote employees

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What is a remote employee? A remote employee is a term usually used for someone who works from home. Whilst this is true, there are various jobs such as salespeople, engineers or lorry drivers who also fall under the category of remote employee. They’re remote in the sense that they technically don’t work from home but they’re not members of staff who you could easily organise a face-to-face meeting within the office. This type of telecommuting or cloud-based employment goes beyond a staff member being a few hundred miles from their employer’s office and can often be international, with remote…

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Time Off Management

Everybody wants to book time off at the same time – what do I do?

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As the summer seasons approach us, the scramble for booking time off becomes more and more intense. John’s family escape to the Centre Parcs happens to clash with Lisa’s holiday in Ibiza. Not only can this be an HR nightmare in terms of admin but issues with time off can also lead to bad morale in your team. So here are a few tips on how to balance time off requests this summer. Give precedence to those who have sent their requests in advance. However, there are some times where a first-come-first-serve basis does become unfair. For holidays around the…

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Asset Management

Judge: headscarves & crucifix ban won’t break anti discrimination laws

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Employers can stop staff from wearing religious clothing such as headscarves and crucifixes according to one of the European Union’s highest-ranking legal advisors. It’s been argued that the security company, G4S, did not break any EU anti-discrimination laws when it fired a Muslim receptionist in Belgium who wanted to cover her head. Juliane Kokott is arguably one the most important legal figures in the EU and she said as long as this rule applies to all faiths equally, it is not discriminatory to ask staff not to wear any religious attire at work. This goes against a previous ruling in…

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