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motivate your staff

8 ways to motivate your staff that you’ve never considered before

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In a study conducted by Motivates, the proportion of people motivated at work is dropping year-on-year. Only 71% of employees are putting their full effort into work which is a drop of 11% on last year. So, if you’re like a lot of managers and business leaders out there, you’ll be looking at ways to improve your employees’ motivation levels at work and hopefully make your team a high performing one. As soon as you see your star performers starting to lose their creativity and energy along with a clear plateau in his or her work lately, you have tell-tale…

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How to attract and retain the best talent

How to attract and retain the best talent

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As businesses compete for a finite pool of talent, attracting candidates away from your competitors and retaining them can prove to be a significant challenge for HR teams and recruiters. As the workforce demographic changes, businesses must be able to adapt and consider what the next generation finds attractive about a prospective employer. Businesses are now faced with the challenge of engaging talent to not only ensure they find their work rewarding but that it also supports a greater purpose. So how can you attract and retain the very best talent? It goes without saying that the current job market…

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What benefits employees want

What benefits employees want, what they really, really want

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Employees (the lifeblood of a company), are usually given additional perks alongside their salary in almost every job role today. There’s a whole industry built around rewarding employees and millennials filling the modern workplace has taken employee benefits to a new level. From free fruit to flexible working, there are a host of options available. No longer is a decent salary enough, to attract and retain top talent, employers need to offer ‘value-adds’ to be attractive to potential candidates and employees. Especially as a third of candidates class company benefits as one of the most significant factors they consider before…

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employee onboarding

4 benefits of delivering a good employee on-boarding experience

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Employee on-boarding is defined by the CIPD as “the whole process from an individual’s contact with the organisation before they formally join, through to understanding the business’ ways of working and getting up to speed in their job.” The first few weeks for any new hire can be critical in forming a lasting impression that can impact performance, engagement and ultimately, retention. But 15% of new hires that resign within the first three months cite a lack of on-boarding process as a major contributor to their decision to leave. No matter how prepared a new hire is for a role,…

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5 tips to improve employee retention

5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

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Think that your staff want to stay with you forever? Think again. That’s if the CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook: Spring 2015 survey is reflective of your organisation. It reveals that during the first quarter of 2015 23% of respondents are looking for a new job with a different employer. And if the economy continues to pick up, that situation is only likely to get worse, as employees grow more confident about switching roles during the economic upturn. You are probably all too aware of the financial costs of recruiting a new member of staff, never mind the time and trouble that…

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