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What can HR learn from the demise of Thomas Cook?

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This week has seen the collapse of one of the longest standing businesses in the UK: Thomas Cook. Established in 1841, the company that was once the face of the UK high street announced it had entered liquidation with immediate effect shortly after 2am on Monday 23rd September, leaving 9,000 people in the UK without a job. But what can HR professionals learn from the demise of such an historic organisation? Communication is key When times of difficulty arise, the worst thing you can do is keep it under your hat and pretend it isn’t happening. Thomas Cook staff were…

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What is leaveism and how can you combat it?

What is leaveism and how can you combat it?

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Coined by Dr Ian Hesketh in 2013 to describe the annual leave habits of employees, the term leaveism refers to workers taking annual leave to catch up on their workload or working outside of their contracted hours. Research by the CIPD found that 63% of UK leaders reported that leaveism had occurred in their business. As businesses become increasingly lean, the ‘always on’ culture lends itself to late night emails and employees never really getting the time to switch off away from work. While offices can be a breeding ground for distraction and interruptions, leaveism can be conducive to employees…

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How to boost engagement with a workplace wellbeing programme

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It’s a fact that a happy and healthy workforce is good for business. That’s because looking after both the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees offers a host of benefits, such as: Lower absentee levels – more people at their desks, more often, means more work gets done Better performance at work – happy employees are more enthusiastic and efficient, boosting your productivity More effective recruitment – a working culture that nurtures and protects employees makes your organisation attractive to the best talent in your sector So, investing in the happiness and wellbeing of your employees not only helps…

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Mindfulness at Work – 7 Ways to Develop a Mindfulness Approach to the Workplace

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Mindfulness, a real improver of mental health and wellbeing or just a load of hype? Awareness of mental health and wellbeing couldn’t be more prevalent on the social agenda, what with Prince Harry, and, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading up MIND campaigns and other big celebs opening up about their mental health. But what is Mindfulness, and how does it actually help with stress, depression and other mental health issues? Mindfulness, probably the biggest thing to happen to Mental Health and Wellbeing is becoming more than just a fad, with the NHS championing the benefits of mindfulness practices….

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How to Keep Staff Motivated and Cool During a Heatwave – Our Top 5 Tips

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Summer is finally here, the sun is out, the nights are long and everyone is happier – right? Well not everyone, especially employees battling long commutes on overcrowded stuffy trains and sitting in warm offices 9-5 dreaming of the weekend and it’s only Monday. So how can you keep staff motivated and cool during a heatwave without giving them the summer off? 1) Be flexible If your office is based in the city centre and your staff need to navigate public transport during busy periods, consider operating a flexible work arrangement to allow staff to start early (or late) to…

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