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How to choose the right HR tech provider

How to choose the right HR tech provider

By Employee Management, Expense Management, HR Software, Natural HR, Payroll

The HR industry has evolved significantly since 2020. Facing the challenges of remote working, dealing with the ‘Great Resignation,’ and trying to find talent in a highly competitive job market, have all contributed to the need for a high performing HR tech provider. The development of HR software has allowed many businesses to improve human resource functions and unleashed the power of teams to focus on strategic work, rather than administrative, time-consuming tasks. In fact, in 2021, venture capitalists’ invested more than $12 billion in the HR technology market, making it one of the most promising trends for 2022. But…

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4 benefits of online expense management

By Employee Benefits, Expense Management

In the UK, many employees will incur expenses concerning their job. Whether it’s an overnight stay in a hotel to visit a customer or to claim mileage for a trip to a trade show; your employees will likely seek to be reimbursed for these work-related costs. Historically, many companies relied on paper-based forms and physical receipts or invoices in order to reclaim any expenditure. Not only was this prone to error and fraudulent claims, but tiresome and time-consuming. For this reason, it is hard to believe that some companies continue to manage expenses this way. Online expense management software can…

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Wigs, duckhouses & pornographic film: why you need expense management

By Expense Management

There’s always a standout difference between businesses that grow and those who don’t – innovation. Without an expense management system, your business is being left behind. There are 3 main arguments for why an expense management system best for business. Cost reduction I hate to use clichés but – “time is money”. The longer you spend messing around with receipts, scanners, spreadsheets and fax machines (yes they still exist) the more time and resources you’ve used on something which is a very simple, straightforward task with expense management software. Misuse Expenses can often lead to exploitation of the system. Remember…

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