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Why young people need to be taught the value - and meaning - of money

Why young people need to be taught the value – and meaning – of money

By Finance, Payroll, Team

Having undertaken a course with the London Financial Institute of Banking in 2005 and gaining a real understanding of monetary importance, our co-founder and COO, Sarah Dowzell recently caught up with WeAreTechWomen to discuss why financial education is essential from a young age. If you missed the original article, you can catch up below: If the current financial landscape has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to differentiate between what constitutes a ‘want’ vs. a ‘need’ in terms of spending – however, that makes the assumption that people have a basic understanding of the principles of budgeting,…

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preventing payroll fraud

The 3 most common types of Employee Payroll Fraud: How can you prevent them?

By Finance, Natural HR, News, Payroll

Employee payroll fraud is one of the most common types of workplace fraud you can encounter and will generally be committed by an employee attempting to receive any money they are not entitled to. If you were looking to define it, you would say that it’s the theft of funds from a business via its payroll processing system. In 2021 any type of fraud – but especially payroll fraud – can be costly to your business, with payroll fraud costing UK companies around £12 billion per year! This article will answer two questions. Firstly, what are the three most common…

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BLOG - 6 Payroll performance metrics you need to be tracking

6 payroll performance metrics you need to be tracking

By Finance, Payroll, Statutory Sick Pay

In a world where numbers and metrics determine success, it’s essential to develop and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to show that business objectives are being achieved efficiently. Organisations use high-level KPIs to focus on the overall performance of the business. Meanwhile, low-level KPIs are prominently used to target processes in different departments such as finance, payroll and HR. Whether you’re a standalone employee or part of a larger payroll team, these payroll performance metrics will provide you with the knowledge to track the success of key business objectives, ensure payroll resources are distributed correctly and help support your employees….

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is payroll finances responsibility

Who Handles Payroll in a Company?

By Finance, HR Software, Human Resources, Payroll

Across most organisations, payroll is undoubtedly a highly valued function, yet one burning question is yet to be unanswered in the minds of HR and finance professionals. This question continues to be a topic of much debate with some people thinking payroll should reside within the HR function, while others believe it should sit within finance. In Deloitte’s recent payroll operations survey, they targeted experienced professionals in a wide range of industries who lead or are directly involved with payroll operations. The companies ranged in size from 1,000 to 50,000 employees tend to have their payroll services lead by finance,…

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