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Health and Safety

Is it too hot to work? A HR Guide to Working Temperatures

By Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Employment Law, Health, Health and Safety

It’s hot, summer is finally here and the burning question on everyone’s lips is “Is it too hot to work?” Whether you work in an air-conditioned office, a school, a factory or even outdoors as the temperature rises, so do levels of irritability with everyone thinking the same “Is it too hot to work?” In the UK, according to www.gov.uk ” indoor workplace temperatures must be reasonable” but from an HR Manager’s perspective, that’s not clear. Can employees go home if it’s too hot or not? The answer is complicated because legally there is no law for maximum working temperatures….

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Doctors warning

Doctors warn us we may be killing ourselves at work

By Health and Safety, HR News

The World Health Organisation has called inactivity a “modern-day crisis” which leads has been identified as the 4th leading risk factor for deaths – causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths worldwide. Worryingly, this looks like it affects the majority of us as research by Westfield Health has shown that 60% of British workers spend the majority of their day sat down. From the same survey, it seems that 55% of us spend less than 20 minutes of walking per day and 51% of us only ever leave our desks for lunch or the bathroom. As a manager, it goes without…

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