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Health and Wellbeing

Innovative wellbeing strategies

8 innovative wellbeing strategies for the future of work

By Employee Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Natural HR

The last 18 months have completely flipped everything we knew about the future of work on its head. Entire businesses moved to remote work, some were forced to close for prolonged periods of time and others were totally devastated. As the nation tentatively nears the return of some semblance of normality and business look to steady the ship; many have improved or entirely redeveloped their wellbeing strategies to accommodate changing employee needs. The future of work looks increasingly more hybridised, and employers are having to adjust entire strategies to account for this. In this article, you’ll find insights from 8…

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Ask an expert: what does employee wellbeing look like in 2021?

By Employee Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring employee wellbeing is front and centre for many HR leaders this year. After the life-changing year that was 2020, wellbeing initiatives have come under more scrutiny than ever before. Companies were, and continue to be, measured by how they prioritised the needs of their people. And yet, by the end of April 2020, over 20 million Americans had been fired and one-third of all UK under 25-year-olds had lost their jobs as businesses across the globe knee-jerked in response to COVID restrictions and national lockdowns. As HR professionals became the first port of call for concerned employees about the…

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pandemic burnout

Ask an expert: how can HR help employees to manage pandemic burnout?

By COVID-19, Employee Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Natural HR

During the pandemic, continued periods of isolation, loneliness and social distancing have led 60% of people in the UK to find it hard to stay positive on a daily basis than before the pandemic. The rise of ‘pandemic burnout’ has left large swathes of employees feeling worn out and struggling to cope. Recognising and supporting employees through any period of pandemic burnout is an increasingly novel challenge many leaders face, HR especially. As such, we are delighted to welcome burnout expert, mental health at work trainer and qualified executive and leadership coach, Katie Phillips to the Natural HR blog today…

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EmotionMind Connection Therapist and motivational speaker, Hayley T. Wheeler on how HR can look after their own wellbeing and #ChooseHappy

By Employee Management, Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health

In conjunction with Natural HR’s #ChooseHappy campaign, we sat down with EmotionMind Connection Therapist, Hayley T. Wheeler. This campaign will look at how HR leaders and the wider community can successfully promote their own and their employees’ wellbeing, inclusion and create a diverse culture. During our talk with Hayley, she explored how anyone can start to look after their own wellbeing while also striving to achieve happiness. However, before we jump into these points, Hayley was keen to describe what it actually means to #ChooseHappy. “#ChooseHappy is your invitation to do something today that makes you smile, laugh and be…

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Mental health in the workplace: 6 HR professionals and business leaders share their approach

By Employee Wellbeing, Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health

All employers have a duty of care which means they must do all they reasonably can to safeguard their employees’ health, wellbeing and safety when they are at work. This includes routine health and safety measures in the workplace but also includes safeguarding employee mental health. Research by leading mental health charity, Mind, found that at least 1 in 6 employees experience mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Given that work is often one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives, many HR professionals are now prioritising improving and supporting employee mental health and wellbeing in the…

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