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Healthy Food

8 foods proven to reduce stress levels

By Health, HR News

It’s been scientifically proven that what you eat has a direct effect on how you can deal with stress. Straight away, we know what you’re thinking and don’t worry, this isn’t one of those articles telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. There are already thousands of those elsewhere on the Internet. All this is, are a few pointers about foods you might want to try and include in your lunchbreaks at work to help your body cope with stress. Spinach   As a famous sea explorer once said: “I eat me spinach because it keeps me strong (toot…

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dealing with stress

Why cavemen caused anxiety in the office and how to deal with stress

By Health, Management

Why do we become stressed? Did you know that stress is an evolutionary function which was vital for our ancestors thousands of years ago? It was to protect themselves and their children from creatures like wolves and large wild cats such as pumas or cougars. See, stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of threat or danger. When something triggers you into feeling threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol for crisis situations. Fast forward to 2016 and stress is seen as a burden and quite frankly, it should be. In 2012…

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smoking ban

Next month, thousands of UK employees to be banned from smoking

By Health, Management

Starting next month, new rules from Nottinghamshire County Council, mean over 9,000 of their current staff will be banned from smoking during working hours. The new rules, which were just approved yesterday, will be enforced mid-May and also includes any form of E-cigarettes. Any workers found breaking these rules will be formally disciplined. The initiative has been proposed to improve the health and productivity of council workers. NCC has said the ban will include all council buildings, land and vehicles. The chair of Nottinghamshire County Council, Joyce Bosnjak, said in a statement; “The harm that tobacco causes stretch across all…

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