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go:tech awards

Natural HR shortlisted at Business Leader Go:Tech Awards 2022

By HR News, Natural HR

We are incredibly proud to have been shortlisted at this year’s prestigious Go:Tech Awards organised by Business Leader in the Most Innovative use of Software or Cloud Technology category! The awards celebrate everything that is great about the UK tech scene in 2022. From CleanTech pioneers and tech start-ups, to advanced engineering giants – the Go:Tech awards have been carefully structured to showcase businesses of all sizes from across the whole of the UK. Those shortlisted have been recognised for developing a piece of software or cloud technology that has positively impacted a business. Here at Natural HR, our remarkable…

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4 day workweek

The four-day workweek: what do HR and business leaders really think?

By Employee Management, HR News, Natural HR

Amid increasing levels of employee stress and burnout, some businesses in the UK are considering what might have been unthinkable to many a few years ago: reducing the working week to four days. Undoubtedly, it is a controversial idea – but is it a good one? Or are there better ways to promote employee productivity and wellbeing? 30 companies across the UK are currently taking part in a six-month trial of the four-day work week, with employees being paid the same amount as if they were working for their usual five days. The pilot scheme is organised by researchers at…

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Workplace diversity through recruitment: A step-by-step checklist to inclusive hiring in 2022

By HR News, HR Software, Natural HR, Recruitment

In today’s world, many HR teams will be working towards having a diverse workplace, but you can’t have diversity without inclusion, much like you can’t have strawberries without cream or Ant without Dec. For HR teams, creating an atmosphere that welcomes all individuals and encourages equal engagement and representation is necessary to build a diverse team and a modern and enjoyable workplace culture. In recent years there has been a real drive in the UK to push for equality, to the point that employers are setting quotas around gender, BAME, disability, and even sexuality. In the workplace of today, there…

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What exactly is blind recruitment? 6 steps to implement 2021’s hottest HR trend into your business

By HR News, HR Software, Natural HR, Recruitment

Over the past few years, one of the biggest challenges facing HR teams has been addressing the unconscious bias that can be presented against possible new employees. As a result, the HR sector has developed several new recruitment methods to combat this workplace trait. One such method is called blind recruitment, but what exactly is it? Blind recruitment introduces changes to the entire recruitment process, from writing the job description to conducting first-stage interviews and onboarding. Its implementation into the recruitment process will help minimise a range of biases, some that you may not even be aware of, ranging from…

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hr blogs

What are the 10 most popular Natural HR blogs this year?

By Health, HR News, HR Software, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Natural HR, News, Software, Talent Management

In 2021, the Natural HR team published more content than in any previous year, and as a result, we’ve delved into some of the most important topics facing HR teams. From COVID related insights and looking at the future of work to the importance of absence management and employee engagement – the Natural HR team has produced over 100 articles that have provided critical insights into the challenges faced by HR professionals during a challenging year. So, to make sure you don’t miss out, the team has put together a curated list featuring ten of our most read articles from…

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