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gender pay gap

How does the gender pay gap affect employees with children?

By HR News

It looks like having children helps your career… if you’re a man. According to the TUC, men are likely to earn more after they have children, whereas women are likely to earn less. The research found that fathers in full time work earn 21% more than male staff who do not have children. However, the picture is bleak for women. The same survey found that full time working mothers will earn 7% less than their female counterparts who do not have kids. Why is it that despite all the anti-discriminatory laws we have put in place, stats show that women…

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1 in 5 workers request “peternity” leave

By HR News

New research has shown that 20% of people actually request time off from their workplace when they get a new pet. This comes from a survey from the pet insurance provider, Petplan. They also found that 5% of new pet owners in the UK have actually been offered time off work by their employers when they get a new pet. The first major company to introduce this policy was Mars Petcare, producers of many name brand chocolates, drinks and pet food which you’ll recognise. They allow employees, 10 hours paid leave when they get a new pet and even the…

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self employed workers

“Self-employed” workers take legal action over employee rights

By HR News, Legal

Four bicycle couriers in the UK, are taking legal action against their companies in order to be entitled to workers’ rights, such as paid holidays and the minimum wage. Similar to the story in the US, where Uber drivers are campaigning for employee’s rights, this case could be significant in the business world regarding workers who are being categorised as ‘self-employed’. The couriers, in this case, are being considered self-employed despite working 50 hours a week for one firm. Many bicycle couriers, work longer days and particularly in London, can cover 60-70 miles per day, being paid £2 per delivery….

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