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pornstar alter ego

I was told to ‘resign or you’re fired’ due to my pornstar alter ego

By HR News

An NHS worker is claiming she was unfairly dismissed due to her second career as an adult film star. Former Medical Secretary Kathleen Molloy was fired from Litherland Town Hall health centre, just outside of Liverpool, when colleagues discovered her adult film persona ‘Dylan Devere’ online. The discovery was made last August and she was immediately suspended from her job. Ms Molloy was then signed off sick by her bosses, before being told she would have to resign or she would be immediately fired. Ms Molloy defended her second job and said they did not hurt anyone. She told the…

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robot workers

The town where robots are replacing 60,000 workers

By HR News

One of the major tech manufacturers in China is undergoing a major change in the workforce and finally acting on the two years of artificial intelligence research. The two main are considerations behind this are thought to be cost reduction and safety – after an industrial explosion in 2014 where 146 people lost their lives. The incident was thought to be caused by a mix of human error and poor health and safety standards. Kunshan, the manufacturers who make hardware for our appliances and laptops have joined many of China and Taiwans’ businesses – including Foxconn, the company who produces…

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20 best employers in the uk

The 20 best employers in the UK have been named

By Employee Engagement, HR News

The most attractive large employer in the UK has been named. In a survey by Ranstad, Rolls Royce has been named the best large employer to work for. The survey asked 200,000 workers questions about employee relations and they found the best employers satisfy their employees on subjects such as; salary, benefits, training quality, long term reward schemes, working atmosphere, management and long term job security. Companies which ignore are falling behind and are losing the best candidates to more attractive companies which offer rewards based on performance management or long term service. The full list is: 1. Rolls Royce…

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employee dispute

I was unfairly fired for calling my boss a ****

By Employee Relations, HR News

In Australia, the Fair Work Commission has ruled in favour of an employee who went on an offensive 4-letter-word tirade against his boss. In this rather unique case of employee relations, the recycling worker was fired via text message by the company executive who he referred to as an “old ****”. The dispute was concerning the employee being asked to work overtime when he had not been paid for previous overtime worked. This conversation happened over the phone and quickly went from a debate to a very heated, aggressive argument. The Fair Work Commission have found that although the worker…

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denied bathroom breaks

American workers denied bathroom breaks – forced to wear diapers

By Employee Wellbeing, HR News

A new study by Oxfam America, has found that the majority of staff who work in poultry are denied bathroom breaks. Many have actually turned to wearing diapers. The report is said to show a common disregard for wellbeing at work or health and safety. A study of 250,000 workers in the meat industry found that the majority had been; mocked, ignored or threatened with contract termination. Oxfam also found that many of the workers were suffering from severe dehydration while they worked. Not only is this something which is proven to drop efficiency but is a serious health issue…

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