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What does ‘truly integrated’ HR and payroll really mean?

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For both HR and payroll professionals, recent years have brought about a significant shift in role.  More and more, HR is expected to deliver added value to the business through analytical and transformational work, rather than solely focusing on people administration.  Payroll departments, meanwhile, have seen their responsibilities grow significantly too, largely thanks to legislation like RTI (Real-Time Information) and auto-enrolment. While some businesses have sought to meet these new-found challenges separately (often outsourcing payroll altogether), more and more organisations now recognise the value in tackling these challenges in parallel, integrating HR and payroll into one single system. Done correctly,…

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How to evaluate HR software at the Festival of Work 2019

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For any business on the look-out for new HR software, the CIPD’s Festival of Work is undoubtedly the year’s most unmissable event. Taking place at Olympia in London (12th-13th July), the exhibition will be full of leading HR technology suppliers showcasing their systems – giving you the ideal opportunity to try out different platforms and find the right software for you. Just like any other shopping trip though, finding what you need will be much easier if you take a list… By preparing a checklist of requirements in advance, you’ll be able to quickly identify which solutions best meet your…

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How HR can drive innovation in your business

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As famous sports coach Lou Holtz once said: “Nothing on earth is standing still – it’s either growing or dying”. This is entirely true in a business context too, where the rapid rate of change means your organisation is either moving forward with the times or falling behind with inevitable consequences. We live in the age of disruption, with countless examples of companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and Uber that have turned established industries on their heads. It’s why, in 2019, a culture of continuous innovation is just about the most important thing an organisation can create. Of course, every…

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HR employees going to collect some HR information from their systems

Maintaining a single version of truth for HR data

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In the era of big data, most HR departments could be considered something of a gold mine. From timesheets and recruitment info to contracts and performance data, there’s an endless stream of valuable employee information buried deep in your business – and bringing it all together is the key to unlocking HR’s strategic potential. For many years ‘strategic’ has been HR’s desired direction of travel, and data holds the key in enabling the function to play it’s part in shaping business strategy and driving growth. People data once helped simply to show what is happening in your organisation – such…

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Employees measuring the success of their HR software project

Measuring the success of your HR software project

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The theoretical benefits of HR software, such as greater automation, centralised reporting and significantly reduced administration, are widely known. But, any investment you make into HR software should come with a commitment to measuring real, tangible outcomes – that is, if you want to ensure your HR software project is seen as a success. When thinking about measurement, you also need to think beyond the HR department. For example, how will the benefits translate specifically to your business? How will the software impact, not just the efficiency of your HR department, but also contribute to the performance of the organisation…

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