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4 ways payroll software will save you hours every month

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Processing payroll manually is an incredibly time-consuming process. From creating payslips and calculating deductions to answering employee queries; it’s no wonder so many businesses opt to use payroll software to help streamline processes and save hours every week. Whether you’re processing payroll manually or using a third-party payroll bureau to manage it, here are four ways payroll software will save you HOURS every month. No need for manual calculations Rather than spending hours poring over spreadsheets and manual calculations, payroll software can do in a few seconds what it would take you hours to do. This will free up your…

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HR and payroll software: how to present your business case

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When you’re buying any piece of business software, presenting your business case to your directors, board or senior management team can often feel like half the challenge. As HR and payroll software will directly impact every one of your employees, your case for investment needs to be watertight and should be detailed enough to prove the reasons why you think your chosen provider is right for your business. Below, you will find some key advice and top tips for presenting your business case for investment in HR and payroll software that will stop it feeling like a grilling in Dragon’s Den!…

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hr compliance

4 ways software can ensure HR compliance

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As an HR leader, you must ensure your policies and procedures demonstrate a thorough understanding of the legislation that directly affects your employees and your business. HR compliance is the practice of ensuring your business is adhering to relevant legislation, government guidelines and best practice. Compliance becomes even more difficult if your business operates in multiple countries or if you employ staff on different types of contract. With everything else on HR’s plate, ensuring your continued compliance can feel like a monumental task. Failing to meet your legal obligations as an employer is not only unlawful, but can lead to…

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signs you need hr software

6 tell-tale signs you need to invest in HR software

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In today’s modern workplace, managing HR tasks in a fast-paced business can be a relentless task. From answering employee queries, to conducting interviews and on-boarding new staff; it is undoubtedly an incredibly demanding role. But there’s a big difference between being productive and just being busy. And if you’re always busy being busy on admin-based HR tasks with no time for strategic HR thinking, it probably high time you made a change. Here are six tell-tale signs you need HR software. You’re overloaded with admin tasks Everyone has admin to do at work. But when admin tasks form the majority…

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HR software implementation

7 little changes that’ll make a big difference when implementing HR software

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HR software is seen as the backbone of many businesses. Supporting your people and enabling your HR team to contribute to delivering strategic people initiatives; it is a piece of software that every single employee will use to request annual leave, sign contracts, claim expenses and much more. As such, implementing HR software is not a task to be taken lightly; it requires planning and preparation in order for it to be a success. But as long as you take the process step by careful step, you can ensure your business’ smooth transition to a more effective, streamlined HR department….

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