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Implementing HR software

How to implement HR software: preparing for implementation

By HR Software, Implementation, Natural HR

So, you’ve invested in HR management software. Good on you. You’re one of the 64% of SMEs that have taken the plunge (, 2019). But are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of implementing it? Drowning in buzzwords being thrown around? Data migration, reports, workflows? If you’re solely responsible for HR in your company, if can feel like a mammoth task.   Well, you’re not alone. When buying HR software, a staggering 85% of professionals cited ‘time to implement’ as a hindrance (, 2019).  Here at Natural HR, we’ve supported our customers through countless implementations of our HR…

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successful HR software implementation

How to plan for a successful HR software implementation

By HR Software, Implementation

Implementing HR software can feel like a daunting task. From data migration and set up to creating reports and automated workflows; it’s hardly surprising that when buying HR software, a staggering 85% of professionals cited ‘time to implement’ as a hindrance. (, 2019). But implementing new HR software should not be a task to be feared, it poses a huge opportunity for your business to streamline processes, improve employee engagement and consider your approach to data management and security. Research published in Forbes estimates that a staggering 54% of software implementation projects fail due to poor management. Understanding HR software implementation Implementing…

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HR Software

What is the hardest part about buying HR Software

By HR Software, Implementation

Maybe the above image looks familiar! You are drowning in paperwork, spending your life sifting through page after page and getting nowhere. Enough is enough! You have made the decision – you are going to move away from using manual processes! Spreadsheets and, dare I say it, paper are going to be a thing of the past in your journey to HR software. You have looked at the market, spoken to lots of companies, had some demo’s and found the right solution – you are, quite rightly, excited to start to realise the value of your new solution so what…

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