How to be a Better Boss

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The role of a ‘boss’ is an interesting one. Often the role is filled more for success or productivity in a role which is not itself solely about management. Promotions to boss-status happen because you’re ‘good at the job’ which doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good boss. Therefore, many bosses find themselves in this role with no real training or learning on how to do it. No one sets out to be a bad boss, however, so let’s take a look at how to be a better boss. Unless you work in an industry stuck in the dark ages,…

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How to be the best manager: motivating your team

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Imagine being able to simply walk into a room and instantly inspire people to do their best work. Unfortunately, few of us have that kind of aura. There appears to be only a select few genes that are capable of producing bonafide, natural-born leaders, which means the rest of us have to work hard to become great managers. At the heart of great management lies the ability to motivate, because motivation is the one thing that will spur teams on to do their best work and be as productive as possible. Again, the ability to be a great motivator doesn’t…

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Back to basics: how to communicate brilliantly as a manager

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The art of being a great manager (and it really is an art) is akin to that of a brilliant actor. If you’ve ever occupied a position of authority in a business, you’ll know exactly what we’re referring to. Every time you enter the office, you’re expected to put on a performance – it’s highly unlikely that you’re the same person in front of your team as you are in front of your spouse or kids. This doesn’t mean that managers are robotic or disingenuous, either. Asserting authority and keeping both staff and projects in line is incredibly challenging and…

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6 types of leaders and leadership qualities – which are you?

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There are different leadership qualities which lead to different types of leaders. It can sometimes be perplexing when people talk about “leadership” as a singular one-dimensional attribute that means a person acts a certain way. Leadership is much more multifaceted than that and leadership qualities come in different forms to create different types of managers. Click here to download our graph detailing exactly what the different leaders are and what defines them. If you’d like to have access to more of our professional guides on HR and management, subscribe by entering your email address in the top right corner of…

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