Actionable resolutions for HR in 2020

Five actionable New Year’s resolutions for HR in 2020

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With a new year on the horizon, positivity and optimism beings to spread from person to person. The ‘new year, new me’ mantra gets most people striving to eat healthier, give up bad habits and attempt to conquer the gym. While harmless, if we are all openly honest, none of them actually last. As HR professionals, the new year presents a perfect opportunity to do the exact opposite. HR is equipped with the unique position of overseeing many aspects of the workplace; it’s the ideal time pull a few loose ends together and set resolutions that can help your HR…

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How HR can drive innovation in your business

How HR can drive innovation in your business

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As famous sports coach Lou Holtz once said: “Nothing on earth is standing still – it’s either growing or dying”. This is entirely true in a business context too, where the rapid rate of change means your organisation is either moving forward with the times or falling behind with inevitable consequences. We live in the age of disruption, with countless examples of companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and Uber that have turned established industries on their heads. It’s why, in 2019, a culture of continuous innovation is just about the most important thing an organisation can create. Of course, every…

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How to be a Better Boss

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The role of a ‘boss’ is an interesting one. Often the role is filled more for success or productivity in a role which is not itself solely about management. Promotions to boss-status happen because you’re ‘good at the job’ which doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good boss. Therefore, many bosses find themselves in this role with no real training or learning on how to do it. No one sets out to be a bad boss, however, so let’s take a look at how to be a better boss. Unless you work in an industry stuck in the dark ages,…

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How to be the best manager: motivating your team

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Imagine being able to simply walk into a room and instantly inspire people to do their best work. Unfortunately, few of us have that kind of aura. There appears to be only a select few genes that are capable of producing bonafide, natural-born leaders, which means the rest of us have to work hard to become great managers. At the heart of great management lies the ability to motivate, because motivation is the one thing that will spur teams on to do their best work and be as productive as possible. Again, the ability to be a great motivator doesn’t…

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Back to basics: how to communicate brilliantly as a manager

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The art of being a great manager (and it really is an art) is akin to that of a brilliant actor. If you’ve ever occupied a position of authority in a business, you’ll know exactly what we’re referring to. Every time you enter the office, you’re expected to put on a performance – it’s highly unlikely that you’re the same person in front of your team as you are in front of your spouse or kids. This doesn’t mean that managers are robotic or disingenuous, either. Asserting authority and keeping both staff and projects in line is incredibly challenging and…

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