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HR employee working our the median of the Gender Pay Gap for her business

The 3 HR Challenges of Gender Pay Gap Reporting

By Business, Legal

As an HR professional, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the 2017 regulations on gender pay gap reporting. Affecting employers with more than 250 staff, it’s a legal requirement for the following figures to be made publicly available: –        Gender pay gap (mean and median averages) –        Gender bonus gap (mean and median averages) –        The proportion of men and women receiving bonuses –        The proportion of men and women in each quartile of the organisation’s pay structure As reported by the BBC in April 2019, 78% of…

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self employed workers

“Self-employed” workers take legal action over employee rights

By HR News, Legal

Four bicycle couriers in the UK, are taking legal action against their companies in order to be entitled to workers’ rights, such as paid holidays and the minimum wage. Similar to the story in the US, where Uber drivers are campaigning for employee’s rights, this case could be significant in the business world regarding workers who are being categorised as ‘self-employed’. The couriers, in this case, are being considered self-employed despite working 50 hours a week for one firm. Many bicycle couriers, work longer days and particularly in London, can cover 60-70 miles per day, being paid £2 per delivery….

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basic legal obligations for an employer

Basic legal obligations for an employer

By Legal

Whilst employing your first member of staff is an exciting time for you, employment law can be a bit of a minefield and can be a complex and often daunting place! There are so many laws and regulations which you need to consider so we thought we would share some of the simple basics with you and then, over the coming weeks, we will go into some of these in more detail. You must register with HMRC as an employer. All employees (this does not include self-employed or agency staff) who have been employed for more than a month should…

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