Introducing performance management into a fast-growing company

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As you grow as a company, your HR grows with you. And at some point, you reach the stage where the administrative processes are all working nicely – so the basic HR needs of your employees are all covered. And it’s at this point that you should start thinking about organised and structured performance management. This will help you keep tabs on employee productivity and output, which is vital in a fast-growing company where lots of new people are joining. But for your performance management to be successful you need to move away from the dreaded ‘annual review’ style that…

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Administrative HR tasks SMEs should start automating

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While most HR teams recognise the importance of adding strategic value to their business, the time-consuming nature of HR administration is often a major barrier. Overwhelmed by the plethora of admin tasks required to keep your business running day-to-day, it can seem impossible to find time to make any significant contribution to your company’s future direction. HR initiatives such as reducing absenteeism, implementing a performance management process or improving reporting and analytics, will all add much greater value – nevertheless, the routine administration must be done, whatever your strategic priority. The problem is exacerbated when everything has to be done…

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How to be a Better Boss

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The role of a ‘boss’ is an interesting one. Often the role is filled more for success or productivity in a role which is not itself solely about management. Promotions to boss-status happen because you’re ‘good at the job’ which doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good boss. Therefore, many bosses find themselves in this role with no real training or learning on how to do it. No one sets out to be a bad boss, however, so let’s take a look at how to be a better boss. Unless you work in an industry stuck in the dark ages,…

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How to be the best manager: motivating your team

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Imagine being able to simply walk into a room and instantly inspire people to do their best work. Unfortunately, few of us have that kind of aura. There appears to be only a select few genes that are capable of producing bonafide, natural-born leaders, which means the rest of us have to work hard to become great managers. At the heart of great management lies the ability to motivate, because motivation is the one thing that will spur teams on to do their best work and be as productive as possible. Again, the ability to be a great motivator doesn’t…

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How to create a successful mentoring program

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Introducing a successful mentoring program into your company is an excellent way to enhance the performance of your employees and boost the collective skills of the workforce to create a more driven and efficient team. With successful mentoring programs in place employee satisfaction is heightened and there is a higher number of retention rates, meaning you spend less on training new staff, you also gain the opportunity to create future managers and leaders, shaping their attributes to suit your company. This results in your company having more experts in the workforce and the team collaborating to work effectively and efficiency,…

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