motivate your staff

8 ways to motivate your staff that you’ve never considered before

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In a study conducted by Motivates, the proportion of people motivated at work is dropping year-on-year. Only 71% of employees are putting their full effort into work which is a drop of 11% on last year. So, if you’re like a lot of managers and business leaders out there, you’ll be looking at ways to improve your employees’ motivation levels at work and hopefully make your team a high performing one. As soon as you see your star performers starting to lose their creativity and energy along with a clear plateau in his or her work lately, you have tell-tale…

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Benefits of Performance Management

6 benefits of performance management

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A performance management strategy can ensure your employees’ activities and output are in line with your wider business’ objectives and can be critical to business success and employee productivity. What is performance management? Defined by the CIPD as “the activities and processes that focus on skills, resources and support to maintain and improve employee performance in line with an organisation’s objectives,” performance management encompasses a number of HR initiatives including KPIs and objectives, performance reviews, feedback and L&D. Research has found that employees who receive regular feedback on their strengths are on average 8.9% more profitable (Gallup, 2016). Aside from…

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toxic work culture

Do you have a toxic work culture?

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No organisation ever sets out to have a toxic work culture but every company has the potential to have one. According to a study by Inc, 11.3% of companies reported having a toxic culture. A toxic company culture is the single greatest issue that can paralyse a workforce. It may be a slow process for it to rear its ugly head but nevertheless it will erode creativity and stifle innovation. In a world where employees have more choice from organisations fighting to attract the top talent and locations becoming more obsolete due to working from home policies and improved technology;…

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Why your business should change incentives and how to do it

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Bonuses have long been a business tradition. And, to a degree, they work. You work harder, the business makes more money and, in return, you end up with a fatter payslip – simple and satisfying, no? Not always. As we’re often reminded, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. The latter will always dampen the bonus party spirit, because one look at your shiny, sizeable payslip will reveal that much of what you’ve earned in addition to your base salary has been gobbled up by the tax man, leaving a somewhat menial take-home fee for all the blood,…

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The complete guide to working from home and avoiding distractions

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In 2016, a study revealed that 1.5 million people had swapped the traditional working environment for that of their own home office. That colossal figure has contributed to an increase of nearly a quarter of a million home workers in the last decade. The benefits of working from home are compelling to even the staunchest supporters of regular 9 to 5, office-based working practises. You get to set your own hours, avoid the need to waste time each day commuting and find yourself surrounded by homely comforts. Technology has played a huge part in the rise of the home worker, too,…

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