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Actionable resolutions for HR in 2020

Five actionable New Year’s resolutions for HR in 2020

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With a new year on the horizon, positivity and optimism beings to spread from person to person. The ‘new year, new me’ mantra gets most people striving to eat healthier, give up bad habits and attempt to conquer the gym. While harmless, if we are all openly honest, none of them actually last. As HR professionals, the new year presents a perfect opportunity to do the exact opposite. HR is equipped with the unique position of overseeing many aspects of the workplace; it’s the ideal time pull a few loose ends together and set resolutions that can help your HR…

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Benefits of Performance Management

6 benefits of performance management

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A performance management strategy can ensure your employees’ activities and output are in line with your wider business’ objectives and can be critical to business success and employee productivity. What is performance management? Defined by the CIPD as “the activities and processes that focus on skills, resources and support to maintain and improve employee performance in line with an organisation’s objectives,” performance management encompasses a number of HR initiatives including KPIs and objectives, performance reviews, feedback and L&D. Research has found that employees who receive regular feedback on their strengths are on average 8.9% more profitable (Gallup, 2016). Aside from…

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Two employees happy after their performance management meeting

How to get started with Performance Management

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Much more than just a substitute term for the traditional appraisal process, Performance Management has a far broader scope. In the era of instant feedback – where reviews and ratings govern many of our daily decisions – the annual employee appraisal can be considered antiquated at best. Twelve months is a long time in business, yet many will happily leave it this long to provide any genuine feedback to their staff. This often stunts an employee’s potential, to the detriment of both the individual and the business. An approach which provides ongoing, genuine and consistent support for employee development and…

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What are appraisals and are they important for my business?

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Appraisals and the need for them are currently a hot topic in and around the business world.  Business leaders are questioning the importance of them. HR Managers are validating the need for them. But are appraisals a thing of the past or a necessary business process? Whether you are of the thinking appraisals are a process driven, a form-filling activity that takes away creativity and adds more administrative pressure to managers and HR managers, or you think a standardised appraisal system is key to company performance – the importance to get it right, whatever approach you take is fundamental to success. Even…

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Employee Feedback – How to give employee feedback in four simple, yet effective ways

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Outside of yearly appraisals, and bi-annual reviews, giving employee feedback is always tricky. Do you wait for a formal one to one to come up, or do something different? Employee engagement sometimes falls outside of company performance management policies and can be difficult to deliver in a practical, yet fair way – especially if there is no script or policy in place. Even if managers have monthly or fortnightly one to ones in place, delivering employee feedback above and beyond work in progress checks needs to be to the point, fair and purposeful. Here is our quick, four-step approach to delivering…

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