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Performance Management

The importance of reliable HR software for enterprises with remote workers

Why remote teams need reliable HR software

By Business, Employee Management, Performance Management
The importance of reliable HR software for organisations with remote workers Remote working is here to stay. So much so that the Office of National Statistics (ONS) discovered that working from home in the UK has more than doubled from 4.7m to 9.9m from 2019 to 2022.  With such a large number of the population choosing to work from home – and employers still needing to find ways to effectively manage their remote workforces – HR software can lend a helping hand, in more ways than one.  HR software helps maintain clear communication across remote teams  The amount of applications...
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The Importance & Benefits of Managing Employee Performance

The Importance & Benefits of Managing Employee Performance

By Performance Management

An effective Performance Management strategy can ensure your employees’ activities and output are in line with your wider business objectives and can be critical to business success and employee productivity. The benefits of an effective Performance Management strategy include: Highlighting training gaps and where further training is needed. Boosting employee morale and in turn, productivity and performance. Helps identify the right employees for promotion. Improves workforce planning, including managing workloads and delegation. Boosts employee retention/reduces employee turnover. Gives employees more autonomy to manage their responsibilities. What is Performance Management? Performance Management begins with clear job descriptions and recruitment processes that…

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8 Training Programs for employers to help you close the skills gap found within your business

By Business, Employee Management, Natural HR, News, Performance Management

Whether a company has hired new employees, launched a new product, or wants to keep its employees safe, employee training programs are needed throughout the lifecycle of their employment with your company. Assigning the proper training to your staff enables employees to better perform at their jobs. But why would an employee invest time and money in the development of their workforce? For your business, employee training can have several benefits, including: Increased profit and growth. Better industry reputation Deeper skill succession pipelines. Reduced employee turnover. More skilled workers. Likewise, what do your staff gain from training? Career advancement. Self-development….

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How can you leverage your HR platform to keep your employees engaged with your company?

By Employee Management, Performance Management

What do we mean by employee engagement? By definition, it relates to the level of an employee’s commitment and connection to the organisation they work for, and in recent years, employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business. Research has shown that: The employee engagement rate in the UK is 50%. Employees are 17% more engaged if they can participate in a regular feedback programme. Companies that effectively turn feedback into action have an 80% employee engagement rate. 50% of workers agree that managers helping with career development drive employee engagement. 55% of workers agree that recognition for…

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#CIPDACE21: Opening the door and closing the skills gap with the help of your HR platform.

By Performance Management, Personal Development, Recruitment, Talent Management

Looking at the news, you would have seen the skill shortages within the HGV industry and their impact on the United Kingdom. But outside that industry, it sets a worrying view on the impact of a skills shortage. Why? Because for countless other industries, this shortage could be just on the horizon if findings by McKinsey are to be believed. Their report suggests that the current skills gap with the UK will only get bigger and that in 2021, they discovered that 44% of their respondents say their organisations will face skill gaps within the next five years, up to…

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