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Workplace Culture then and now: 7 ways that it has changed since 2011

By Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Management, Human Resources, Natural HR, News, Personal Development, Software

Since 2011 the world has experienced a lot of changes, and the UK was no different. We’ve had three prime ministers, a Brexit Referendum and a national debate on naming an Ice research vessel, to name just three examples, but there have also been massive changes in the UK’s workplace culture. In this article, we’ll be looking at seven ways the UK’s workplace culture has changed since 2011. While some of these changes result from technology development, others have come about because of shifting perspectives and expectations in the workforce. Even more, have come as the result of the introduction…

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Performance development review

What is the best structure for a Performance Development Review (PDR)?

By Employee Management, Personal Development

A Performance Development Review (or PDR for short) is not a new concept. In fact, many HR professionals are starting to discourage their organisations from implementing them, but they do still serve a purpose and are a long way off from becoming extinct. And rightly so, especially in growing businesses. A PDR will help your employees focus on the tasks that contribute towards the overall goal of the business and, they know exactly where they stand in terms of their expectations, performance and job security. PDRs will also provide line managers and HR teams with a paper trail of performance…

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8 tips for improving your work ethic

By Personal Development

We’ve all been there. That feeling of really, really not wanting to go into the office of a morning. It cripples productivity, raises stress levels and makes us unhappy. What does a poor work ethic mean? Unless it stems from deeper issues, the feeling of not wanting to go to work is often the result of a poor work ethic. If you’ve experienced it yourself recently, that doesn’t make you a bad person or employee – a poor work ethic usually arrives subconsciously and is something you’ll have little control over or forewarning of its impending arrival. Thankfully, there are…

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How to foster a culture of self-improvement

By Personal Development

People will only learn if they want to. This is one of the most important – if hardest – lessons any business owner or HR professional should take on board. Sure, you can book people on week-long training courses and invest heavily in on-site development of their skills, but if they don’t want to learn, they simply won’t. You could create the best course material on the planet or employ the services of the most engaging trainers within your market – it simply doesn’t matter if the desire isn’t there on behalf of those in attendance. The ability to learn…

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